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Weekend link dump for November 2

If you haven’t voted yet, your last chance to do so is Tuesday.

“Bewitched: The Next Generation After The Next Generation”. I dunno about that.

A constitutional right to vote is something we should have established a long time ago, but better late than never.

“It is also possible — and probably more likely — that London has become the NFL’s next Los Angeles, a city used as a threat to hang over the heads of cities that it and its teams think need new stadiums.”

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also often the basis of intellectual property litigation.

Phil Collins is the best friend the Alamo ever had.

“Aging baby boomers and seniors would be better off going for a hike than sitting down in front of one of the many video games designed to aid the brain, a group of nearly 70 researchers asserted this week in a critique of some of the claims made by the brain-training industry.” The American Contract Bridge League probably won’ be thrilled by that news, either.

Maybe Amazon isn’t quite ready to take over the world just yet.

RIP, Marcia Strassman, a/k/a Mrs. Kotter.

Wait, there’s sugar in Clamato? And Subway sandwiches? What the hell?

Larry David made a lot of cameos on Seinfeld.

“This month, for the first time in eight decades, Family Circle included a gay couple in a parenting article.”

RIP, Joan Quigley, astrologer to Nancy Reagan.

“The man who yells at the taxi driver or the woman who brusquely dismisses a waiter is very near to scum in Emily Post’s eyes. Don’t be that person.”

“The Wisconsin and Texas rulings were just preliminary requests for emergency relief, and the Supreme Court may yet hear the cases in full on the merits. But there seems little chance that a majority of the current Court will rein in these changes in any significant way. In courtrooms around the country, it’s been made clear that these Republican initiatives have been designed and implemented to disenfranchise Democrats (again, usually of color). But the Supreme Court doesn’t care.”

Duke Ellington gets screwed out of royalties 40 years after his death.

The Notorious RBG conyinues to show that she’s cooler than the rest of us.

Kaci Hickox is my new hero.

More Percy Jackson, less boring literature.

Being a jerk for a good cause makes your cause look bad. It also makes you a jerk.

You’re not reaaly “paying it forward” if you’re being compelled.

“Mississippi has poor social outcomes and a threadbare safety net. It also has—and has long had—the largest black population in the country. And it’s where slavery was very lucrative, and Jim Crow most vicious. This is not a coincidence.”

I don’t know if this is any consolation to my friend Linkmeister, but progressives in general can be happy that the Giants won the World Series.

“It would seem that the Bible belt has been unbuckled and the fly is now open. Heck, the pants may even be down around the ankles.”

The story of Dolores Jane Umbridge, a Halloween gift from JK Rowling.

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  1. Thanks for the link up!

  2. Ross says:

    Why would you be surprised that there is sugar in a Subway sandwich? The bread would be the normal source, since many bread recipes use a tablespoon of sugar per loaf. That’s about 15 grams if my internet research is accurate. Some of the other ingredients have sugar as well, depending on the sandwich.

    As for Kaci Hickox, she’s a nurse with a bad attitude. She needs to stay in her house until the quarantine period is up. She doesn’t get to make public health policy on her own. A perfect example of someone putting herself above the rest of society. Self absorbed jerks like her can’t be trusted to self monitor correctly.

  3. Linkmeister says:

    I am less inconsolable than I was at the Royals loss. I’m still angry at the Cardinals’ defeat of the Dodgers, though. That was the playoff series that really hurt.