Weekend link dump for November 9

What the President’s chip & PIN executive order is all about.

“Americans did what they so often do after disasters. They sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Red Cross, confident their money would ease the suffering left behind by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac. They believed the charity was up to the job. They were wrong.”

I would totally read “Unicorns: Assassins for Hire” if someone would write it.

What Arthur Chu says about GamerGate.

Our future robot overlords are being programmed by my cousin, James Kuffner.

God bless you, Lauren Hill.

If this doesn’t warm your heart at least a little, you might want to check to make sure you actually have one.

Jonathan Coulton finds that Twitter can be a harsh mistress.

RIP, Brittany Maynard.

Dinesh D’Souza’s hoop dreams are apparently all in his head.

Rejecting Medicaid expansion: Not just a really bad idea, a really costly one, too.

“Narrative” trumps crazy.

“The main impact of the midterm election in the modern era has been to weaken the president, the only government official (other than the powerless vice president) elected by the entire nation.”

A new species of frog was discovered in my hometown of Staten Island. Very cool.

RIP, Tom Magliozzi. Radio will never be the same again.

If it looks like a dynasty and wins like a dynasty, it’s probably a dynasty.

#ElectionDayPickupLines. Wanna do a little canvassing with me?

“The difference between what the rich and poor eat in America begins long before a baby can walk, or even crawl.”

Why locking your phone with a passcode is better than using a fingerprint lock.

“What the Republicans managed to do was to teach the Tea Party to wear shoes, mind its language, and use the proper knife while amputating the social safety net. They did nothing except send the Tea Party to finishing school.”

“The lesson Cupp undoubtedly learned from Will is that journalistic ethics are for suckers and losers.”

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