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Where I will be on Election Night

For those of you that may wonder what I look and sound like when I say all this stuff that I write about, tonight is your chance to find out. I will be in studio at KTRK, Channel 13 in Houston, from 7 to 10. I don’t know how much they’ll have me on camera, but I do know they’ll be streaming all night – go to for the stream, which is called “Your Voice, Your Vote Live”. I don’t know how many other folks like me will be involved in this, but I do know that one of them is Murray Newman of the Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center blog, whom I look forward to meeting. Tune in and wonder no more why my face is ideal for blogging.

My normal blogging style is to draft a bunch of stuff as I see it and can get to it, then schedule daily posts from what I have drafted. Needless to say, that approach fails on Election Day. I’ll be posting here tonight, possibly into tomorrow, or I may defer some stuff till tomorrow morning. It will be a disruption of my usual routine, is what I’m saying.

Which leads me to this: As some of you know, I fractured my right wrist eleven days ago. It was a stupid accident involving some heavy boards that got the best of me. It could have been much worse – they could have landed on my feet – but I am in a cast for at least the next four or five weeks. I have some use of my right fingers and thumb, so I’m only modestly inconvenienced, but typing and using a mouse are harder than usual. Given all this, I may take it easy for a couple of days, with posts mostly being an emptying of my remaining queue or something I just couldn’t resist. I doubt I’ll take too much downtime – I expect I’ll get precinct data shortly, and you know I can’t resist that. But if things are slow here for the rest of this week or so, now you know why. Thanks.

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  1. I looked forward to meeting you too, but I’m about to leave town for a couple of days and opted to spend the time with my family tonight.

    Let’s grab lunch in the near future!