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The haters are gathering petitions in Plano

God help us all.


Opponents of Plano’s new ordinance banning discrimination against gays and transgendered people have drawn support from Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz.

“This is an attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs in America,” Cruz told a Plano crowd on Wednesday. “It’s time people of faith become involved in the political arena.”

Cruz was one of several clergymen who spoke at the event to rally support for a petition drive to overturn the ordinance passed Dec. 8 that prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and businesses, such as stores, restaurants and hotels.

The initiative must have 3,822 valid signatures by Jan. 20 to force the City Council to repeal the ordinance or place it on the May ballot. Dozens packed a small meeting room at Plano’s Harrington Library, where petitions were being circulated.

See here for the background. The 3,822 valid signatures total amounts to a hair over 20% of the 2013 turnout in the city of Plano elections (scroll to the bottom), or 23% of the turnout in the Mayoral race that year. It’s a short turnaround time, so who knows what will happen. I for one am encouraged by the fact that the same clowns that led the petition drive here are helping out up there. Can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. Molly says:

    A petitioner came by my apartment this morning and he was a very fast-talker. I had friends over and they starte signing his petition, telling me it was for equal rights. Something felt off about it – the man was talking so fast and saying he’s just a Texas redneck trying to get a few signatures, and I went ahead and signed it even tho my gut was telling me it wasn’t right.
    So now, I am kept awake and I have been reading up on these petitions – he got our signatures under the guise of equal rights when in fact he was anti-gay. I have looked all over the Internet – is there ANY way I can remove my name from that petition or make it invalid for his bigoted cause?

    Thank you. This makes me very sad, I wish I would have just said “no thank you,” and walked away.

  2. johnny says:


    Contact the City of Plano’s office of the City Manager Bruce Glasscock (972) 941-7121 and tell them what you experienced. They should be able to discount your signature when they come across it in the list.

    -Concerned Citizen