Weekend link dump for February 1

Have you checked to make sure all your balls are properly inflated?

For those of you who insist on letting ugly facts kill off beautifully constructed Internet hoaxes.

Magic secrets revealed by Teller of “Penn and Teller” fame.

So long, SkyMall. I never bought anything from you, but I’ll miss you.

“Researchers drilling through a half mile of ice in west Antarctica came upon a surprising discovery: a population of fish and other invertebrates living deep beneath the ice sheet in extreme cold and perpetual darkness. It’s the farthest south that fish have ever been found, scientists said.”

Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for forty-two years. It has liberated women to pursue their own destines and has allowed for the proper and planned formation of families. It has also been good for the economy.”

“So now that Mr. Tsipras has won, and won big, European officials would be well advised to skip the lectures calling on him to act responsibly and to go along with their program. The fact is they have no credibility; the program they imposed on Greece never made sense. It had no chance of working.”

Or to put it another way, 1930s economics begets 1930s politics. You’d really think we’d have learned by now.

Make your own Koch-sucking joke.

Those Marshawn Lynch crotch grab posters are now officially collectors’ items.

The Internet: Making dumb people dumber for however long you want to define the existence of the Internet.

You can’t unring a bell, but now you can unboil an egg.

The best State of the State address that will never be given.

“A group of mostly male students at Texas Tech University staged a heroic last stand before a bulldozer demolished their beloved snow sculpture of a giant penis.” Well, as the song says, you’ve got to stand for something.

Media Matters has similarly found that conservative media is infected with scams, touting cancer “cures,” dubious financial companies, reverse mortgages, and fringe penny stocks.”

No, there won’t be a blizzard of “blizzard babies” this October.

Good-bye and good riddance to the fee for service model for delivering health care.

Any sufficiently advanced tax avoidance scheme is indistinguishable from magic.

“Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are almost always negligent under the law”.

Here’s the Dan Savage semi-autobiographical TV sitcom you’ve been waiting for.

How rich do you have to be to be a one-percenter in your state?

Super Bowl host city Glendale is an object lesson in spending public money on sporting events and arenas.

Binge watching and depression may go hand in hand.

“Why point out the contradiction between Jindal’s heroic portrayal of Christian non-assimilators and his demonization of Muslim ones? Because it exposes his lofty talk about culture and identity to be an elaborate ruse. The only principle he’s really defending is anti-Muslim bigotry.”

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