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Weekend link dump for June 7

“Duggary” is your new “santorum”.

Women’s national soccer teams are in the game at long last.

“For today, however, let’s just consider the one answer that really matters for us, the existential one that is very, very freaky indeed: The aliens aren’t here because they don’t exist. We are the only sentient, technological species that exists in the entire galaxy.”

A very funny conversation with six very funny ladies.

Greenland has adopted marriage equality, in case you were looking for an excuse to visit there.

The right to frack is held dear in Oklahoma as well as Texas.

The #DancingMan story and the larger anti-bullying effort.

“The exposure of one of the biggest scientific frauds in recent memory didn’t start with concerns about normally distributed data, or the test-retest reliability of feelings thermometers, or anonymous Stata output on shady message boards, or any of the other statistically complex details that would make it such a bizarre and explosive scandal. Rather, it started in the most unremarkable way possible: with a graduate student trying to figure out a money issue.”

I am a huge fan of Big Trouble in Little China. I think the only way this ends well is if it doesn’t happen.

“Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer has filed a new legal challenge to a slew of restrictive voting laws signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.”

“Publishing is a business. As a business, Tor not only spends money on things like acquiring and publishing books, they also earn money by selling said books. Assuming Scalzi shut out 500 authors assumes that Tor is simply pissing away that $3.4 million. This is a rather asinine assumption.”

Why does Swiss cheese have fewer holes than it used to?

Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America, even if the media hates her.

“Mike Huckabee’s vocal support for Josh Duggar is in sharp contrast to his indifference to black victims of police violence.”

Yes, let’s kill those non-compete clauses for low-wage employees. They are ridiculous.

RIP, Betsy Palmer, actor, game show panelist, and mother of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

“Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, is half its diameter. So there’s no dominant world, gravity-wise, which means a chaotic scramble around the shared center of mass between Pluto and Charon. The four smaller moons tumble all over the place.”

TBogg watched the Duggars’ interview with Megyn Kelly so you don’t have to.

Definitely hoping for the best for Mel Stottlemyre.

I have no real idea what the subject of the 2015 Clay Math Research Award is about, but I do know one of the winners (Nets Katz) from my days at Rice. Congrats!

This is one reason why the powers of the Presidency keep expanding.

“This doesn’t happen to white evangelical churches in America. But it is not unusual for mosques, or synagogues, or Pagan communities, or black Christian churches to face this kind of organized, aggressive opposition or these kinds of violent threats. Nor is it unusual for them to face actual violence.”

RIP, Dena Lewis, wife of legendary University of Houston basketball coach Guy Lewis.

There should be brackets for the Women’s World Cup. I mean, come on.

The Large Hadron Collider is back, baby!

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  1. C.L. says:

    I’m with you – Big Trouble in Little China should NEVER be re-made. Classic camp of a movie !