Montgomery County hasn’t given up the fight against the high-speed rail line

Keep hope alive, I guess.

A newly formed regional planning commission will enable Montgomery County and the city of Magnolia to monitor and work against any high speed rail projects that may cut through western Montgomery County, said County Judge Craig Doyal.

The county and area communities have expressed concerns about Texas Central Rail’s proposal to build a high-speed rail line from Houston to Dallas; initially, one of the proposed routes would have taken the train through the western portion of Montgomery County, potentially cutting through large tracts of privately owned land.

That route has since been rejected in favor of another alternative west of Montgomery County, but the county and an area city decided to form a regional planning commission in the event Texas Central Railway changes its options and reverts to the Montgomery County route.

“We are committed to opposing any routing of high speed rail through western Montgomery County, and the regional planning commission is a tool that will help us in that goal” said Judge Doyal.

Not really clear what they can do, but until actual tracks get dedicated, I suppose anything can happen. Texas Central had a very close call in this legislative session, and there’s no reason to believe they’ll be at a point of no turning back before the 2017 session begins. So who knows? If you want to see TCR get going, keep an eye on this.

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