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Friday random ten: Revisiting the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs list, part 6

Here’s their list, and here we go.

1. La Bamba – Los Lobos (orig. Ritchie Valens, #354)
2. Jim Dandy – Black Oak Arkansas (orig. Lavern Baker, #352)
3. The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff (#350; also a cover by Joe Jackson)
4. Baba O’Riley – The Who (#349)
5. Walk This Way – Aerosmith (#346; also a cover by Hayseed Dixie)
6. Beat It – Pomplamoose (orig. Michael Jackson, #344)
7. Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies (orig. The Velvet Underground, #342)
8. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt (#339)
9. We Will Rock You – Queen (#338)
10. Baby Love – The Supremes (#332)

Song I’ve never quite wanted to have: “Candle In The Wind”, Elton John (#356). It’s a good song and all, but eh. And I heard it enough back in the day.
Song I used to have but don’t any more: “Runaround Sue”, Dion (#351). From that same album that also had Del Shannon’s “Runaway”.
Song whose name I never understood until I saw this list: “Baba O’Riley”, The Who (#349). Apparently it “takes its name both from Townshend’s spiritual guru, Meher Baba, and minimalist composer Terry Riley, whose work inspired the track’s repetitive electronic textures”. Who knew?

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