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Poll suggests Republicans don’t support Paxton

That’s gotta sting.

Best mugshot ever

A poll of likely Republican voters in Texas found that 62 percent believe Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign in the wake of his indictment on alleged securities-law violations, the group that commissioned it said.

The poll of 976 likely Republican voters was conducted on Aug. 15 by Florida-based Gravis Marketing for the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee.

The East Texas-based group supports candidates it deems conservative for appellate judicial races, some district court races, governor and attorney general, with its picks generally being Republican.

Its treasurer is John Coppedge of Longview, who backed Dan Branch over Paxton in last year’s race for attorney general and voiced concern then over the securities-law issue.

In the poll, 78 percent of Republicans were aware of Paxton’s recent felony indictment, and 62 percent said he should resign.

Brutal, but only one poll. The pollster in question is the same one that proclaimed Donald Trump was leading the GOP pack in Texas; this is from that same sample, as far as I can tell. I don’t know what their overall track record is, but it’s still just one poll, so let’s not get too excited about it. I continue to believe that as long as Paxton has his sugar daddy in his corner, he isn’t going anywhere until he’s either carted off in handcuffs or sent home by the voters. Hell, the Republican establishment is still standing with him. I have no idea why anyone thinks he’s going anywhere. We’ll have him to kick around for the foreseeable future. BurkaBlog and Trail Blazers have more.

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