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And so it begins…

We have crossed the Rubicon. I feel sick to my stomach.

Right now all I want is for the fighting to end as quickly and bloodlessly as possible. After that, I can only hope that we won’t come to regret what we’ve done. May our troops be safely home soon, and may our actions truly benefit the citizens of Iraq.

I’m too upset to say anything else.

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  1. War is always a very serious thing… But did you feel the same way when the US began massive bombing of Serbia under Clinton?

  2. No, Owen, I didn’t. Don’t be a troll. If you really think the two situations are comparable, I have to wonder how you got into Rice.

  3. Charles,

    I wasn’t intending to be a troll; this is just something that’s been bothering me and many other conservatives lately when it comes to opposition to war with Iraq. War with Iraq and War with Serbia will be comparable in duration, i.e. brief, and in the justification, which is both in response to a security threat and a humanitarian crisis. I’m not sure how people can justify having supported one but not the other.

    The two situations certainly aren’t the same (no two military actions are), but in terms of the reasons for war, and the chances of success, they strike me as quite comparable.

  4. Owen,

    You are 100% correct on our military action in Kosovo. I don’t recall many people complaining about our action taken there, nor do I recall much protest when we bombed Iraq in the 90’s, went into Haiti, Somalia, etc. during the 90’s as well. My guess is that people were so caught up with the supposed great economy (which we now see was much of a farce) that we had little time to pay attention to what was going on around the world. People have short memories. We forget that Iraq, North Korea and terrorism were all very serious issues in the 90’s and were not being dealt with very well. (And, I might add, corporate corruption was rampant during the 90’s as we now see. Funny how this happened under the party that is supposedly for “the little guy.” Hmmm…) Did any of us really complain though? No, we were too busy watching our dot com era stocks go rocketing through the roof. Now things aren’t so good economically and we’re faced with the same issues from the 90’s, only this time it’s worse. North Korea has nuclear capabilities, al-Qaeda has attacked the US on a large scale and Iraq continued to play games with the UN to the point where countries like France and people all around the world actually sounded like advocates of Saddam Hussein.

    Owen, you are definitely right in pointing out actions taken in the 90’s that compare to today. If we want to be honest with ourselves, then we need to accept the fact that the 90’s was full of military action and foreign policy that went largely ignored but is now causing tremendous headaches for us. Thank goodness we have courageous leaders in Bush and Blair in the UK. Without them, I think we’d be lead down a path similar to the one France and most of Europe took after WWI — allowing a seemingly defeated country in Germany to rearm and reload.

  5. Smirking Chupacabra says:


    Just wanted you to know that there is another Texan feeling as sick as you are. One question though – how do you put up with the tripe and swill spewed forth by Owen and Joshua? Bill Clinton may have been no day in the park, but he wasn’t as blatent a liar as the current occupant of the White House. Oh, wait, I forgot. Lying about sex is MUCH worse than lying about veterans’ benefits, tax cuts and Medicare. My mistake.

  6. Ken says:

    >> Lying about sex is MUCH worse than lying about
    >>veterans’ benefits, tax cuts and Medicare. My

    Amen, Brother Smirk! Tell it! Some happy day, we’ll see Bill Clinton chained and sealed in the abyss for 1,000 years. OK, he’ll be let out after that, but only for a while. Meanwhile, we can praise the Lord for the holiness and wisdom of the Son of Poppy, a man whose truthfulness makes George Washington look like…well, like BILL CLINTON.

  7. Smirk,

    Any time you want to address the actual point Owen brought up and I supported, please feel free to. 🙂

  8. Vaughn says:

    Very interesting so far. I think that Bush does not have any back ups on why we should hav attacked Iraq. Look at the fact that one of his men, afte being fired, wrote a book, or, where are the weapons that Bush is so excited over? Or, Saddam did not attack us, it was a different party, etc.