Friday random ten: Music I bought in 2015

I’ve done Random Ten lists based on my year’s music purchases before, and seeing as how it’s January it’s time to do it again. I’m going to break this into three lists, because I can and because it makes sense to do so. First up is the music that I bought from iTunes (with one exception):

1. Road Movie To Berlin – They Might Be Giants
2. Tacky – Weird Al Yankovic
3. Diga Diga Doo – The Hot Club of Cowtown
4. She Moves On – Paul Simon
5. Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac
6. Surrender – Cheap Trick
7. Coffee Grindin’ Blues – Asylum Street Spankers
8. Too Many Fish In The Sea – The Commitments
9. Crying – Roy Orbison
10. 7 – Prince

The TMBG song is from a free download of Flood live in Australia. We got to see Weird Al and Fleetwood Mac live last year; I’d had a copy of Rumors on cassette (taped from vinyl) before, and went out and got their 35-song “Greatest Hits” download afterward. The rest is either filling holes in my collection – I used to have a CD of Paul Simon’s solo “Live in the Park” but it belonged to my then-roommate, so I finally got the download of it – or inspired by the Rolling Stone Top 500 exercise. Finally, a bit of idle searching through iTunes led to the discovery of a final Spankers album, another live show that was actually their last ever performance. I couldn’t resist that. Next week: music I got from Noisetrade.

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