Friday random ten: Dexter’s favorites

We can’t take a tour through the favorite songs of Kuffner family members without including the family dog, can we? So here they are:

1. Walk This Way – Aerosmith
2. Cachorinho (Little Dog Chorinho) – Susanna Sharpe and Samba Police
3. Dog Days – 50 Foot Wave
4. Guinness Dog – The Rogues
5. My Dog’s Still Walkin’ – Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King
6. The Dogs, They Really Miss You – Austin Lounge Lizards
7. Underdog – Lager Rhythms
8. Hair Of The Dog – Nazareth
9. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) – Roky Erikson & Bliebalien
10. The Bitch Is Back – Tina Turner

See here and here for the girls’ contributions. Tiffany isn’t as big an iPod fiend as the rest of us, so I don’t have a list from her. If that ever changes, you’ll be the first to know.

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