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Senate hearings on “border security”

Sen. Sylvia Garcia sent me the following to alert people of some Senate committee hearings of interest:

Joint Committee on Border Security is Thursday, January 21 at 1pm at Capitol Extension, E1.030.

This is a joint Senate & House Committee to review border security efforts and the spending of the $810M budgeted for it. Though I am not on the committee, I will sit in to see what they are up to and how they are spending all those dollars.

Senate Border Security Subcommittee is on Friday, January 22 at 10am at Capitol Extension, E1.012.

This is to take public testimony on “Sanctuary Cities”, aka “show me your papers” bills. Though I am not on the committee, I will sit in to see where this is going. Last hearing, no public testimony was taken and Sen. Perry who carried the bill last session sat in. I suspect he plans to file this bill again.

See here for more information on the hearings. If you have any questions, you can call Sen. Garcia’s office at 713-923-7575. Thanks.

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