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Saturday video break: If I Had A Boat

Lyle Lovett sings one of his best songs in a stunningly beautiful concert hall while sitting next to John Hiatt and Joe Ely swoon.

Gorgeous, and the verse about Tonto telling the Lone Ranger to kiss his ass gets me every time.

The cover version I have is by Eddie From Ohio, a cut from their “Portable EFO Show” live CD, in which they relate the story that Lovett has told about the song’s inspiration (he asked a little boy once what he would want if he could have anything in the world, and the answer he got was “A boat. And a pony.”), but sadly I could find no video of it. (A search on YouTube led me to this three-song set they did in 2014 at a benefit concert for their longtime collaborator John Jennings, who was battling kidney cancer. It was a battle he would, sadly, lose, to which all one can say is “Fuck cancer”.)

Anyway. From one tragic killer disease to another, as we have instead Karen Elson’s cover, from the soundtrack to the movie Still Alice:

Go read the comments on the YouTube link if you want to have the feels. I’ll try to be less depressing next week.

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