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Day Three EV totals for 2016 primaries

Three! Three days of early voting:

Year       Dem      GOP
2008    28,464   12,092
2012     9,871   21,635
2016    18,398   25,954


For your reference, the 2016 totals are here, and the 2012 totals are here. I don’t have daily EVPA totals from the Harris County Clerk for 2008, so my reference for those numbers is the SOS archive for 2008, with the Day One Dem totals here and the Day One GOP totals here. Day One EV totals for the 15 biggest counties statewide are here.

Not a whole lot to say today, as I’m a bit pressed for time. Democrats have 41.5% of the total share of the early Harris County vote so far. They’re down 35% from 2008 but up 86% from 2012, while Republicans are up 114% from 2008 and up 20% from 2012. Up 20% from 2012 final totals would be 196,776, not too shabby but not exactly doors-blown-off. For Dems, up 86% from 2012 is 142,264, which I’d consider kind of meh. It’s early days, and I do think we’ll see heavier action next week. But so far, I’d say the structural integrity of Harris County’s doors remains sound.

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  1. The numbers make sense but I am a bit surprised that the GOP total isn’t significantly higher with, at this point in the cycle, such a wide open race. I am also thinking of crossing over today when I vote. I am not registered with either party and why not throw a wrench, however tiny, into the GOP Machine. Also of note, a name appears on the GOP Ballot for President, Elizabeth Gray, that according to this article is a bit of a mystery. I think I found my candidate.