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Weekend link dump for August 14

Derek Jeter celebrates Ichiro Suzuki and his pursuit of 3,000 hits. Easily my favorite Ichiro story is how he learned Spanish phrases so he could banter with/trash talk Latino players.

There’s a new world record for mattress stacking, and it was set in Wichita Falls, Texas. You’re welcome.

What Ibtihaj Muhammad says.

A-Rod‘s playing career is officially over. Whatever you may think of him, he was an amazing talent, and we’ll never see anyone quite like him again.

So long, Scary Lucy. Hello, better, less-scary Lucille Ball statue.

“Lacking the leadership qualities to be president is an issue that’s entirely separate from being mentally ill. On top of that, calls to evaluate Trump’s mental state are distracting people from the real reason Trump should scare the American public — the fact that he stands for the unabashed celebration of white supremacy and misogyny.”

What does “We have to take a side” really mean?

How is it that paddling is still considered an appropriate form of discipline in schools?

“This run is tailor-made for a handful of GOP insiders to con a king’s ransom out of elderly rich conservatives to make pointless TV ads and email blasts. All the better that it’s foreordained to fail, because that way it can be framed as a noble rearguard action and the donors won’t be mad when Clinton wins.”

The whole purpose of the Electoral College is to be un-democratic.

“By the way, if you want to understand why Paul Ryan has held to his endorsement of Trump, despite the many humiliations and embarrassments Trump has visited on Ryan, this is the answer: Trump is willing to sign some version of Ryan’s budget into law, and Hillary Clinton isn’t.”

I agree, make LA the home of the Olympics. They have the facilities and the track record.

RIP, John Saunders, longtime ESPN reporter.

More pot research is a good thing.

Is ComicCon moving out of San Diego? Probably not.

Shoutout to Denino’s Pizza, easily the best thing to come out of Staten Island. Also, Lee’s Tavern is excellent. Go have some pizza at either or both places next time you’re on the Island.

“Again, the final tally could be much closer, but we should remember that Trump’s current predicament is not the result of any one gaffe or misstep or string of bad luck — it’s the result of an actual campaign that Hillary’s running very well and Trump is running very poorly.”

Turns out Obama derangement syndrome has a price.

Please enjoy these photos of Boomer Phelps wearing earmuffs.

“Simone Manuel’s Olympic gold is also a victory over swimming’s racist history”.

RIP, Kenny Baker, best known as R2D2 from the original Star Wars movies.

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