CCA declines to take Paxton off the hook

Sorry, Kenny.

Best mugshot ever

Best mugshot ever

The highest criminal court in Texas said Wednesday it will not hear Ken Paxton’s appeal of securities fraud charges, putting the attorney general on a path to facing a trial in the coming months.

“Today’s ruling marks an end to Mr. Paxton’s almost year-long attempt to avoid being judged by a jury of his peers,” Brian Wice, one of the special prosecutors handling Paxton’s case, said in a statement. “We look forward to going to trial and seeking justice on behalf of the people of Texas.”

The decision Wednesday was made by the Court of Criminal Appeals, which Paxton’s lawyers had asked to review the case as a last resort before trial. Without comment, the court announced it would not consider the appeal.

The decision makes the prospect of the state’s top lawyer sitting through a trial more likely than ever. The proceedings could start as early as next spring.

With the good news comes the bad news, I guess. This doesn’t mean that the CCA couldn’t step in to save Paxton later, after a conviction on one or more charges, it just means that they don’t see any reason for them to stop a trial from happening in the first place. So a trial we will have, barring the exceedingly unlikely event of a plea bargain. Stock up on the popcorn, y’all. Trail Blazers, the Current, and the Lone Star Project have more.

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3 Responses to CCA declines to take Paxton off the hook

  1. Jerry Shepherd says:

    Paxton is getting what he deserves. BTW What ever happened to Governor Perry’s charges?

  2. Ross says:

    The Perry charges were dropped. Here’s the first link that popped up for me

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    Perry’s charges WERE purely political. That woman needed to get fired after her drunk and disorderly performance at the police station. As to Paxton, it’s encouraging that he’s going to trial. If he did what he is accused of doing, he needs to do some time in the pokie (no pun intended.)

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