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Clinton campaign to run ads in Texas

It’s come to this.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’ campaign is going on the air in solid-red Texas, a remarkable move by a Democratic presidential nominee as her Republican rival, Donald Trump, struggles across the country.

Clinton is launching a one-week ad buy in the Lone Star State that highlights the Dallas Morning News’ recent endorsement of the former secretary of state, according to a campaign aide. The 30-second commercial will air on TV in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, as well as online. Clinton’s campaign did not detail the size of the buy.

When the Dallas Morning News editorial board endorsed Clinton earlier this year, it was the board’s first endorsement of a Democratic presidential hopeful since before World War II. The Clinton spot notes the historical significance of the endorsement, going on to quote its criticism of Trump’s judgment and praise of Clinton’s bipartisan credentials.

“At this moment in time, for Texas and for America, Hillary for president,” a narrator concludes.

The ad buy comes as polls continue to show the presidential race in Texas closer than usual. A WFAA/SurveyUSA poll released Thursday found Trump leading by only 4 points, much less than Mitt Romney’s 16-point margin in 2012 and John McCain’s 12-point margin in 2008.

“The Dallas Morning News points out Trump’s values are out of step with Texas,” Garry Mauro, who chairs Clinton’s efforts in Texas, said in a statement on the ad buy. “As more and more Texans realize this — and turn to Hillary — the polls will get better and better.”

Here’s the ad:

Nice. Is it likely to have any effect on persuasion or turnout? Maybe a little bit at the margins, but who cares? The Chron goes into some detail.

Though Clinton still is a long shot in Texas, political analysts see it as a sign of her recent strength nationally and in the critical battleground states of Pennsylvania and Florida.

“I don’t think it’s knowable at this point what a Texas ad buy would accomplish,” veteran Texas Democratic operative Harold Cook said. “But I will say this: If the Democrat is buying ad time in Texas in a presidential election, it ain’t a good year for the Republican.”


“I think they’re playing with house money right now,” said Craig Goodman, a political scientist at the University of Houston in Victoria, citing reports that the Clinton campaign is flush with cash compared to Trump, who has taken in less than half of the $373 million reported so far by the Democrat. “They’ve got excess resources.”

I’m just glad I lived long enough to see a Democratic Presidential candidate decide it was worthwhile to run some general election ads in Texas for Texas voters. Trail Blazers has more.

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  1. General Grant says:

    One of the things I will be looking for in this,election to see if the number of voters who select the straight ticket option will be reduced this year. My hunch is that it won’t, and that this factor will work against Clinton if the state is actually competitive.

  2. Sandi says:

    I’m a lifelong Texas Dem, though I was flirting with the idea of going Green until I realized how ignorant Jill Stein is.

    So even though I am indescribably disappointed with our nominee, I have to admit I am also super excited to see a Democrat candidate for Pres putting this much money and effort into the state. Writing Texas off has been a self fulfilling prophecy for the national Democratic party for too long now. Good for her!

  3. brad m says:


    Interesting question since most GOP voters are capable of walking into an polling location and selecting “R”. Not a lot of split voting.

    Not sure if GOP voters will even know that they can select straight party voting then delete or change their presidential (or any other office) vote.

    I believe the % of voters using straight party voting will be down a little for those avoiding getting smelly Trump doo on their shoes.

  4. Neither Here Nor There says:

    More interested in how many Trump supporters go and vote for him only.

  5. brad moore says:


    That is an even more interesting question. I too would be interested in such a lemming report.