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Re-Endorsement watch: Sung in the special

The Chron reiterates their choice of Anne Sung for the HISD VII special election runoff.

Anne Sung

Anne Sung

Anne Sung will bring a wealth of educational experience to this position, representing a district with boundaries encompassing a broad swath of near-southwest to near-northwest Houston that includes Wisdom High School, formerly Robert E. Lee, one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Houston, and Lamar High School, which sits smack in the middle of River Oaks, one of our city’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

Sung has been a Teach for America Corp member, an award-winning HISD physics teacher, and the cofounder of an education advocacy group, Community Voices for Public Education. Currently, she’s in the educational nonprofit field, serving as the chief strategy officer and vice president of the nonprofit Project GRAD Houston.

The Bellaire High School alumna has walked the talk that “education is the foundation of the American Dream.” Sung went on to graduate from Harvard University with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Physics degrees and from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Master’s in Public Policy.

Sung was involved in public education even before she became a parent. In a screening with our editorial board, her answers were nuanced and thoughtful. This candidate – who speaks Spanish and Mandarin – is the best-qualified person to run for trustee in years.

More or less what they said when they endorsed her in November. Early voting starts tomorrow for this runoff and it only lasts seven days, which is standard for runoffs. Hours and locations are here – basically, there’s downtown, the Metro Multi-Service Center on West Gray, and the Harris County Public Health office at 2223 West Loop South. Runoff Day is next Saturday, December 10. I estimate something like six to eight thousand votes for the runoff, so anything can happen. Get out and make you voice heard.

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  1. Amir says:

    I’m interested in the race, but I’m not sure if I can vote in the runoff. I live in trustee district IV. I’ve been looking for information on whether or not anyone in HISD’s boundaries can vote in this runoff. I’ve looked over my information with the Harris County Voter Registrar, which confirms for me that I live in trustee district IV. I’m hoping against hope that I’m not restricted to only voting for a candidate in district VI. Do you know where I could look for more guidance?

  2. Amir,

    Thanks for the comment. Sadly, you cannot vote in this runoff, just as you were not able to vote in the November race for this district. Only residents of HISD District VII are eligible.

  3. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Anne sung basically represents the teachers union and john her opponent is basically the less tax, less government candidate.Sung will tax your property john won’t.

  4. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Bullard Exit poll results :Anne sung will vote total on election night at 57.4%.Sung will fall just shy on election night of 58%.Joshua bullard