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Runoff early voting: Light turnout


Hey, remember that there’s a runoff for the special election to fill the HISD Trustee position in District VII? Well, early voting for it ended on Tuesday, and turnout so far is about what you’d expect for such an election. Here’s the EV by location report for the runoff, which encompasses two races: for Baytown City Council in District 3, about which I know nothing, and on page 2 the HISD election, in which Anne Sung faces off against John Luman. A total of 2,922 votes have been cast so far, of which 1,601 were in person and 1,321 were by mail, with another 3,429 mail ballots sent out but not yet returned. As a reminder, there were 35,879 ballots cast in this race in November, so however you slice it the runoff electorate will be much smaller.

Which makes the result that much more unpredictable, since who knows what the electorate will look like. It could be representative of the district as a whole, which would favor Luman, or it could tilt towards the more motivated parts of the population, which may favor Sung. If you live in HISD District VII and have not yet voted, you can find your polling place for the Saturday runoff here. If you’re not sure whether you live in HISD District VII or not, there are two ways to tell. One, if you had this race on your ballot in November then you are, and if you didn’t then you aren’t. If you don’t remember or for some reason didn’t vote in November (shame, shame), your voter registration card will indicate if you are in HISD or not, but it doesn’t specify what district you are in. You can find that if you look yourself up on the Harris County Tax Assessor website. As I said, turnout for this election is low and will be low, so your vote counts for extra. Show up on Saturday if you live in the district and make your voice heard.

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  1. Joshua ben bullard says:

    This is going to be a landslide victory for Anne Sung’s campaign “here’s why”: I completed an Early vote exit poll and sung nailed it at 57.4% total votes .So I had to make an increase to Sung’s election night vote total ,Sung’s final votes for the run off will 57.4% all the way up to 63.9%. Folks ,you will see this as a huge victory for Anne sung.I am never wrong on local elections

  2. Greg Wythe says:

    I seem to recall you saying that Hubert Vo was going to lose his primary earlier this year.

  3. Mainstream says:

    While the voter card itself may not show your HISD District, you can check at and it will display a full set of all your districts when you input your full name.

  4. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Its correct,sung wins big.

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