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Runoff Day for HISD special election

From the inbox:


Saturday, Dec. 10, is Election Day for voters in HISD Trustee District VII and City of Baytown Council District 3. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

There are 178,717 registered voters in HISD Trustee District VII eligible to vote in the Runoff Elections. A map of the boundaries for HISD Trustee District 7 can be found at:

Baytown Council District 3 covers the Northwest section of the city with 12,726 registered voters eligible to vote in the Runoff Election. District 3 is in dark blue on the map at:

Election Day polling locations may be found at the Harris County Clerk’s election website, Voters may also visit or call 713.755.6965 to obtain a list of acceptable credentials to vote at the polls and view a sample ballot.

See here for some background. You can find your polling location here. As noted before, turnout is low, so your vote really counts. If you live in HISD VII, or Baytown Council District 3, get out there and make your voice heard. I’ll have the result tomorrow.

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One Comment

  1. Ross says:

    Minimal turnout at my voting location. The staff were back to writing voter information on sheets of paper, rather than being able to scan the photo ID like they did at the General Election. That’s a step backwards.

    After reviewing the candidates again, Sung was still my choice. Luman just doesn’t seem as qualified, and given his history of opposing the move of lower socio-economic status children to his area, I suspect he would be motivated to not act in the best interests of all students.