We’re #13!

In traffic congestion.

A Houstonian with a 25-minute commute spent 55 hours extra in 2001 — a full work week plus two days — creeping along in traffic instead of sleeping late, earning money or reading the newspaper, according to an annual study by Texas A&M University.

Those whose commutes took longer than 25 minutes, the national average, wasted even more time locked in their wheeled cubicles.

There is some good news in these all-too-familiar statistics. The amount of time needed for a typical commute increased just 1 percent from 2000 — a blip compared to increases in other major cities such as Denver, which recorded a 3.5 percent jump.

And Austin is doing its best to catch up with us, while San Antonio had mixed news.

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3 Responses to We’re #13!

  1. Charles M says:

    And I’m not sure the powers that be even care.

    A few weeks ago, the city retimed the Dairy Ashford lights at Westheimer and Alief Clodine. This simple act resulted in two 1/3 mile stackups and added 15 minutes to my commute.

    A call to 311 got Westheimer fixed but they won’t budge on the other one.

  2. kevin whited says:

    Charles M: Did they give any reason why they won’t budge on the retiming of the second? Maybe it’s worth emailing Council?

  3. Charles M says:

    No reason given. I’ll try mailing council. The intersection is in District F but I’ve had better luck on Dairy Ashford with District G. Maybe he’s hungrier.

    tnx for the suggestion.

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