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Paxton prosecutors want change of venue

At this point, who can blame them?

Best mugshot ever

The prosecutors in Attorney General Ken Paxton’s securities fraud case are asking for a change of venue, arguing they cannot get a fair trial in Collin County.

The prosecutors say Judge George Gallagher should move the case out of Paxton’s home county because he and his associates have waged a “22-month siege” against the prosecutors, witnesses and the court. The trial is set to begin May 1.

“Over the course of almost the last two years … Paxton’s posse of spokesmen, supporters, and surrogates — a clique herein collectively referred to as “Team Paxton” — has embarked on a crusade clearly calculated to taint the Collin County jury pool,” the prosecutors wrote in a filing Thursday.

The prosecutors cite several examples, including a Paxton supporter’s lawsuit against the county to limit prosecutors’ pay. Last month, a Dallas appeals court stopped payments to the prosecutors as a result of the lawsuit.

You could transfer the whole shebang to Travis County and let the DA’s office there handle it. It’d kill two birds with one stone. Just saying. Paxton’s attorneys have disputed the filing, so it will be up to the judge to decide. I’m thinking his first move will be to buy some extra-strength Advil.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    It would be sweet irony if the case was transferred to Travis County. I suppose Paxton could be innocent, but the basic facts known so for don’t look too good for him, and I would bet a (R) leaning Collin County jury might be a lot more sympathetic to him than a (D) leaning Travis County jury.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    *so far