Friday dog blogging

Let Calpundit have his cats. For those of us right-thinking people who prefer dogs, here’s a great article in the Times about how to tell where someone lives in the City by what kind of dog they own. Be sure to look at the slide show – in the second picture, the one that features the jumping fox terrier named Bosco, the dog next to Bosco looks an awful lot like Harry, enough so that I’m starting to wonder just what he was up to while we were in Paris.

Speaking of Paris, it’s another city that’s full of dogs, and unlike most places in the States, they’re allowed to go pretty much anywhere their owners want to take them. We saw them in the lobby of our hotel, in the Galeries Lafayette department store, and in various restaurants. One side effect of taking your dog everywhere is that it gets to be very socialized, and thus more comfortable in crowded, noisy situations. Only once in the entire week do I recall hearing a dog bark. Keep that in mind the next time you’re swearing about a yapping dog in a backyard somewhere.

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2 Responses to Friday dog blogging

  1. Linkmeister says:

    Have you checked the odometer? That dog was in NY, unless somebody had fun with Photoshop; could your beastie have gotten there without (perish the thought) help?

  2. Oh, probably not – as far as I know, while he generally likes to ride in the car (as long as it’s not to the vet), he hasn’t figured out how to operate it yet. He’s also got a pretty standard-issue mutt look about him, so I figure that’s one of his many long-lost cousins.

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