Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 38

The boogie fever, it is going around.

1. Blue Shadows On The Trail – Syd Straw
2. Boogie Fever – The Sylvers (Olympis, Charmaine, Angelia, and Patricia Sylvers)
3. Heartbeat – Taana Gardner
4. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Taken By Trees (Victoria Bergsman)
5. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads (Tina Weymouth)
6. Already Gone – Tanya Tucker
7. Vicious Rap – Tanya Winley
8. Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste Of Honey (Janice Marie Johnson, Hazel Payne)
9. I Knew Your Were Trouble – Taylor Swift
10. Square Biz – Teena Marie

Apparently, it’s Boogie Song Week. I forgot to mark it on my calendar, so it kind of snuck up on me. Also, am I the last person in America to realize that Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads were – and still are – married? The things I learn checking Wikipedia.

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