July 2017 campaign finance reports – HCC

Welcome to the last and least interesting of these campaign finance report posts. This one is about the HCC Trustees, and there’s not much to see. Take a look at what there is – you can find all available reports here – and we’ll discuss it below.

Carolyn Evans-Shabazz
Robert Glaser

Adriana Tamez
Dave Wilson
Eva Loredo
John Hansen
Neeta Sane
Zeph Capo

Name            Raised    Spent     Loans     On Hand
Evans-Shabazz    3,125    1,027         0       2,812
Glaser               0        0     5,000       8,439

Tamez                0    3,533         0       6,247
Wilson               0        0    12,782           0
Loredo               0      881         0       1,109
Hansen               0        0     5,000       8,925
Sane                 0    6,043         0      20,803
Capo                 0    1,100         0       2,064

First, let me just say how far the HCC webpage has come from the days when I had to file an open records request to get my hands on these things. They’re easy to find now, and all reports are available for everyone who has a report. The only downside is that you can’t tell at a glance who is and isn’t a candidate – you have to look at everyone to see who has a current report – but I can live with that. Kudos for getting this right, y’all.

And so, what you see above, is everyone who has filed a July 2017 report, which is to say the eight non-felonious incumbents, and no one else. Neither Carolyn Evans-Shabazz nor Robert Glaser has an opponent as yet, and there’s a giant void in District 9, where there is neither an incumbent nor a candidate for the position. Someone will be appointed to fill the seat soon enough, and from there we’ll get some idea as to who may be in the running for November, but for now this is all we have.

As you can also see, no one is exactly burning up the phone lines hitting up donors. Again, this may change when and if someone gets opposed, but until then there appears to be no rush.

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3 Responses to July 2017 campaign finance reports – HCC

  1. neither here nor there says:

    They are spooked, Chris wants a short term in his new home, so he contributing to exposing what has happened at HCC and people involved, so say the rumor mills.

    I did hear that Shabazz has an opponent, a student from TSU. I would not be surprised to see other names appear by the end of the week.

    Campaign reports were available before, one had to go in person, they did make it easier by posting online, but it is now harder, and they decided that pdfs took up too much space so they are only keeping 3 years worth. A new era of even less transparency is occurring under the leadership of Maldonado and Capo.

    A pdf is very efficient as to space, so who knows why they only keep three years online?

  2. neither here nor there says:

    Kuff don’t know how to contact you except using this forum, but today I went and filed as a candidate for District IV. There is one other person running besides Shabazz. At present I don’t have a website but I did put Inside HCC back up. It is my understanding that some people wanted it back because of research being done. http://inside-hcc.com/

    I have heard that it helped in the Chris Oliver investigation. I had taken it down about 3 months ago.

    Manny Barrera

  3. Manny – Thanks for the heads up. You can email me at kuff – at – offthekuff – dot -com.

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