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December traffic report

December was my busiest month ever, with over 35,000 hits on the Sitemeter counter, thanks to several high-profile links to my Worst Movies list and my interview with Richard Morrison. Had there not been the usual lull for Christmas and New Year’s, I would’ve easily topped 40,000. I seem to get about 1000 hits per day now, though admittedly a lot of that is search engine results. Still, I’m happy with the site’s growth, and I look forward to another year of it. As always, I thank everyone for reading. Good feedback really makes a difference, and I appreciate all of the good feedback that I get.

Top referrers are below the More link.

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Weblog referrers
7872: Atrios
1583: Daily Kos
578: Crooked Timber
506: Cursor 404: Calpundit
310: The Volokh Conspiracy
210: Political State Report
162: The Burnt Orange Report
146: Liberal Oasis
122: Norbizness
100: Matthew Yglesias
97: A Perfectly Cromulent Blog
96: Greg Wythe
85: Rob Booth
83: Rhetoric & Rhythm
79: Seeing the Forest
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 369: jon matthews 308: ugly people 188: diane zamora 144: american idol tryouts 97: prime number algorithm 92: offshoring 77: academia waltz 73: darlie routier 54: proposition 12 49: catholic high school girls in trouble 48: if you love something set it free 47: largest rat 45: andy pettite 43: schlitterbahn galveston 42: world's largest rat 42: off the kuff 41: australian whine 40: oxenhielm 38: gregg phillips 38: mo cheeks national anthem

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  1. There’s too many jokes to choose from here:

    49: catholic high school girls in trouble

  2. Heh. For the record, the searchers all probably wound up here.