Weekend link dump for October 22

On “American Pie”, the Book of Revelations, and the perils of deciphering ancient texts.

When graphic designers rise up.

“Of course, you want as many people to watch your show as possible. But some things are more important than bringing in a big audience. I hope that we, as a nation, get back to a time where I can have a normal, well-rounded show, that’s more focused on Beyoncé and Jay-Z than Donald and Ivanka. But for the time being, this is what’s at the forefront of people’s minds.”

Larry Flynt once offered a million dollars to various famous women if they’d pose in his magazine. He’s offering a lot more than that now to anyone with information that could be used to impeach Donald Trump.

The Republican Party’s overlords have spoken.

Record-breaking hurricanes are even hitting Europe now. Nothing to see here, move along.

“I want to walk through the world as a woman without fear. I don’t want to assume that men are so weak, they need to play a weird pretend game just to not abuse me. Y’all are stronger than that.”

What Gregg Popovich says.

What You Should Know About the ‘KRACK’ WiFi Security Weakness.

The Russians used House of Cards to learn about American politics as they aimed to screw with us in 2016.

RIP, Roy Dotrice, actor who recorded the Game of Thrones audiobooks.

“The disparity between these two scenarios suggests something perverse but inescapable about the media’s expectations for politicians’ response to scandals. Public figures who talk about a social problem in the abstract get pressured to repudiate their associates who contribute to it. Public figures who weren’t vocal about the problem to begin with get to stay silent when it’s one of their friends.”

Is there anything the Trump administration won’t blithely and cheerfully lie about? Literally anything?

“An elementary school in Mississippi is changing its name, scrapping former Confederacy President Jefferson Davis and replacing it with former President Barack Obama”.

Good for you, Doris Burke.

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