Judicial Q&A: Brennen Dunn

(Note: As I have done in past elections, I am running a series of Q&As for judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. This is intended to help introduce the candidates and their experiences to those who plan to vote in March. I am running these responses in the order that I receive them from the candidates. You can see other Q&As and further information about judicial candidates on my 2018 Judicial page.

Brennen Dunn

1. Who are you and what are you running for?

My name is Brennen Dunn and I am running for judge of the 185th Criminal District Court.

2. What kind of cases does this court hear?

This court hears ciminal felony cases from state jail felonies to 1st degree felonies.

3. Why are you running for this particular bench?

This particular bench has seen some biased practices towards defendants. I believe in changing the culture that defendants in this court have been accustomed to for years. Many of the cases in this court have been presided over with a heavily pro-prosection slant.

4. What are your qualifications for this job?

I have worked in private practice since 2010 with a primary focus in criminal law. I have been dedicated to ensuring the equal protections of defendants and ensuring the justice system acts with impartiality. I have served as appointed counsel for the economically disadvantaged for several years.

5. Why is this race important?

This race is important because we have a chance, after the 2016 showing to continue to turn the tide of overly conservative judges that have shown a favoritism to prosecutors instead of impartiality. I want to be representative to a style of justice where victims feel vindicated and defendants feel like they have been given fair proceedings. In today’s racially, religiously, and ethnically divided country, our judiciary needs to be seen as the utmost purveyor of equality.

6. Why should people vote for you in the primary?

I believe that I will have fairness, above all else as the mantra of my court. I believe in expediting case loads to ensure efficiency in the courtroom and relieving pressure on overly taxed resources. From a fiscal view, my plans will ease the financial burden on county resources. My goals are bipartisan in nature and will create a progressive environment for my court, and the county.

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  1. General Grant says:

    Are the spelling and grammatical errors yours or his?

    This is actually a serious question in evaluating his candidacy, as well as all those you interview.

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