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Interview with Ivan Sanchez

Ivan Sanchez

The field in CD07 was stable for quite some time, with six of the seven filers posting finance reports from both Q2 and Q3 last year. Then in the waning days of the filing period, a new challenger emerged. That was Ivan Sanchez, who left his position as Senior Congressional Liaison and Field Representative for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to join the fray. A childhood arrival from Colombia with his mother, Sanchez has a degree in Political Science from UH-Downtown. He has served on the Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Board and was the founder of the Houston Millennials nonprofit. Here’s what we talked about:

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  1. TexMex Dude says:

    If Ivan had not been part of Queen Sheila’s team and had more fiscally conservative ideas, I’d vote for him.

    If he is really smart, he could spend his campaign GOTV among the minority and working-class voters of CD 7 and rally them behind the frontrunner if he actually expects to flip the district. Culberson needs to go!!!!

  2. Manny Barrera says:

    TexMex, what does having worked with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee have to do with anything? Obviously you have no idea how hard the congresswoman works for her constituents, and others that are not even in her district.

  3. Ross says:

    Manny, try being a white constituent who calls the Jackson-Lee office to offer a viewpoint that conflicts with hers, or who asks for an explanation of a position she’s taken. I did that a few times, was polite, etc, and was told “you sound like some white troublemaker”, then they hung up on me. Jackson Lee is a camera hogging buffoon who cares only for her own advancement. Helping constituents occurs only when it furthers her goals.

  4. TexMex Dude says:

    Anybody who is or was associated with that horrible woman is not worthy of my support. Besides, why doesn’t Alex T. run against her instead of Culberson? He actually lives in that district.

  5. TexMex Dude says:


    I agree with you. The only reason why SJL keeps getting re-elected is because she delivers them their share of the bread and circus.

  6. TexMex Dude says:

    But if it makes you happy, Ivan would be my first pick if he had a chance of winning. Laura Moser or Jason Westin are my top picks.

  7. Manny Barrera says:

    It must be hell to be white, in a white world. Well, I never had that problem and I don’t call people to tell them that I disagree. I do write to politicians, but most don’t respond their staff does. I seriously doubt that the Congresswoman even knows that you called, Ross. While there may be others the only politician to actually call me back on an email was a commissioner, Steve Radack. Senator Graham’s staff always responded, Bill Archer’s staff was very good also. My present council person, Laster even called me when Harvey flooded our neighborhood and has come to check to see how things are doing. I guess my experiences with SJL have been much more positive than some other people. The present Mayor is very good the previous one not so good.

    TexMex you mean she brings things to the district that helps people, and that is bad?

  8. TexMex Dude says:

    Name me some of those things, Manny?

    Nevertheless, her horrible attitude don’t make up for them.

  9. Manny Barrera says:

    TexMex, you explain what that means you brought it up, “she delivers them their share of the bread…”

  10. Julian Deleon says:

    While Ivan has some great experience working for SJL, and it appears his following on social media is impressive, I don’t think it is enough to win our get into a run off because I’d bet those who are contributing to him on social media don’t live in the district and have not financially contributed to his campaign. The job with SJL was more community focused, which does not prepare him for the work to be done in congress.

    Ivan’s social media posts are I,I, me, me and Millennial related. The takeaway could be self absorbed and off putting to voters.

    Ivan should have been more thoughtful with the race he decided to join.

  11. TexMex Dude says:

    In other words, he doesn’t know how to campaign and fundraise.