Tahir Javed

So who is this guy in CD29?

Tahir Javed

He’s an outsider in the 29th congressional district. He’s not Latino. He’s never lived in the congressional district he is running in until now. And he’s never run for office in his life.

But what he does have is lots of money he’s not afraid to put into the campaign, ties to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and what he says is a kinship with Latino voters in the area because of his own struggles as an immigrant.

“Our struggle is the same,” the 51-year-old Pakistani native said. “I was told ‘go back to your country’ many times.”

But nearly 16 years after he arrived in Beaumont with just $500 to his name, Javed now is a wealthy businessman who turned a single convenience store business into a 28-company enterprise that includes hospitals, distribution networks and real estate businesses.

After years of donating money to candidates, including hosting a major fundraiser with Clinton in Beaumont, Javed said this time he wants to be the one that goes to Washington to fight for the Houston area on Capitol Hill.


“I have a proven history,” Javed said of his business success. “We walked into where there was a need. I understand health care. I can do it with so minimum resources. I’ve developed a system where we don’t waste money. We just do it.”

Javed is already putting up billboards, hiring seasoned political staff and opened a headquarters off Shaver Street. He said he’s already raised more than $252,000 for his campaign, but says if he feels it’s necessary he will pour his own money into the race as well.

The story lays out all the reasons why this is unlikely. First time candidate, never lived in the district before now, non-Latino in a heavily Latino district running against one of the best-known Latino candidates in the region, you get the idea. What he does have is money, a good personal story, and a world in which people like me are now more reluctant to say that certain things can’t or won’t happen. Sylvia Garcia is the heavy favorite to win, and I’d say she’s odds-on to take it without a runoff. We’ll see.

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5 Responses to Tahir Javed

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    His story reminds me of Farouk Shami, the Chi Hair Care owner who had an ill fated campaign for governor. I’m impressed by his personal story, right up until I read about his big support of Hillary. I think once the House Security Committee memo comes out, candidates at all levels will be fleeing Hillary like the plague.

    That’s a shame, too, because all things considered, I’d prefer a business man to a professional politician, like his better known challenger.

  2. Nasir Abbasi says:

    He is living in this area. He have several business in the area. He is a true leader and he proved it again and again that he can gets the job done.

    He is already achieved his dream and now he is giving back to community.

    The other question that he did not held any public office, thats true, but currently he is a CEO of 28 Different companies.

    By the way our president mr Donald Trump did not held any public Office either in entire life, but now he is a President is USA.

    The other objection is that he is not a Latino. That true, he is not a latino, but you don’t have to be a latino to run for Congress seat.

    He is a Immigrant and he faced the same issues that Latinos are currently facing in the area.

    One the other hand our current Congress Man Mr Gene Green who is representing this district from last 25 year is not a latino either.
    Mr Gene Green is a white cacusisn.

    Please support for Javed for US Congress on March 6 for Texas 29.

    He is the best candidate for this job.

  3. Julian Deleon says:

    Interesting this candidate wants to represent a district he has never lived in, and how can he run a company out of Beaumont, but live in Houston. it is questionable why he does not run against Nick Lampson, but I guess you don’t run against an employee (Lampson works for this candidate at Riceland Healthcare).

  4. Nasir Abbasi says:

    Candidate Tahir Javed is living in the District. He have his own house in the district. Judt like Hillary Clinton was from Arkansas, than moved to New York and ran for senate seat, than later ran for a presidential race.

    Mr Tahir Used to live in Beaumont, TX, than he moved to Houston, TX.
    Candidate Tahir Javed is living in the District. He have his own house in the district.

    Mr Javed is active CEO of 20+ companies, but he is not running a day to day operations.

    Just like big corporations CEO are not involved in day to operations.

    He is proud of highly paid team working with him.

    Please support Javed for US Congress on March 6 Primary.

  5. Julian Deleon says:

    I don’t think this candidate is the best person to represent me. He has never lived in the district, yet all of a sudden wants to represent me. I have never seen him before. I see his large signs on vacant lots, yet I do not see his signs in any yards.

    Javid deployed a phone survey and used the time to spread lies about an opponent, but talk himself up. Not a polished candidate!

    It appears Senator Garcia is deploying some stealth tactics and has unleashed her troops; I saw community leaders and elected officials block walking for her all over the district this weekend. They knocked on my door in the morning, then another team knocked the door at my Aunt’s house later that day.

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