Interview with Fran Watson

Fran Watson

As I might have mentioned once or twice before, there are a lot of contested primaries this year. In a less active year, I’d publish interviews from the same race in a given week. This year, between the large number of such races and the small number of available weeks, I’m going to have to have several weeks where there are multiple races features. That start this week, and frankly will continue till the end. Our first featured race this week is SD17, and our first candidate for SD17 is Fran Watson. Watson is an attorney and mediator, past President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and co-director of the New Leaders Council, Houston Chapter, and a whole lot more. And as noted before, she has a chance to be the first out LGBT member of the Senate if she wins. Here’s what we talked about:

You can see all of my legislative interviews as well as finance reports and other information on candidates on my 2018 Legislative Election page.

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5 Responses to Interview with Fran Watson

  1. I guess if charles is going to ask mediocre questions, we are going to get mediocre answers.

  2. Bill Daniels says:


    I’m quite sure Fran will be reading this thread. Why not just ask your questions right here, and let her respond to your specific concerns?

  3. Robbie Westmoreland says:

    You don’t have a web site with your proposals on it, Bill Daniels, and are therefore unworthy of Joe’s time and attention.

  4. it means you’re lazy, don’t care

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