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PPP poll: Cruz 45, O’Rourke 37

Our second poll in the Senate race, this one more favorable than the last one.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke

Democrat Beto O’Rourke trails Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz by single digits — 45-37 percent — according to new internal polling released by a Democratic group aimed at keeping corporate money out of politics.

End Citizens United’s poll, released Wednesday morning, comes weeks after Cruz’s campaign released its own internal numbers showing him leading O’Rourke 52-34 percent, with 13 percent undecided.


Cruz won approval from 38 percent and unfavorable review from 49 percent the ECU poll. Sixty one percent of respondents had never heard of O’Rourke. Twenty percent had a favorable opinion of him, while 19 percent viewed him unfavorably.

The poll was conducted by the Public Policy Polling, which works for Democratic interests, from January 17-18. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percent. It surveyed 757 Texas voters, 73 percent on landline telephones and 27 percent online.

Sixty-three percent said they were more likely to support a candidate who has pledged to not accept money from corporate special interests. After telling respondents about O’Rourke’s pledge not to take PAC money, the poll showed him in a statistical tie with Cruz, 43-41 percent.

See here for the poll data, and here for more on that previous Republican poll. The main difference between the two, as RG Ratcliffe also observes, is the favorability numbers for Cruz. The better those are, the better the poll for him. I don’t think that’s anything profound, but it is a key metric to watch for as further polling gets done. That Republican poll looked like an outlier to me in that Cruz’s favorables had been generally weak in other surveys, but there’s not enough data to say for sure. The more results you see with him under water, the better Beto’s odds will be.

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  1. Manny Barrera says:

    Beto in 2018 – need to send him some more money. I think he will win in November.

  2. TexMex Dude says:

    As much as I detest Raffie, I can’t support another warhawk who has expressed support for mandatory military service (AKA directly Seraing the Military Industrial Complex). He can retract from his statement all he wants, but I’m not fooled.

  3. voter_worker says:

    O’Rourke substantially modified his position on “mandatory service” after receiving oppositional feedback to the mandatory aspect.

  4. Manny Barrera says:

    I wonder which person has found and lives with his perfect significant other and that they agree on every thing? Wonder why we expect elected persons to be in full agreement with what we as individuals want?

    TexMex you ain’t voting for too many Democrats, your heart and mind are with the Trump Party.

  5. Manny Barrera says:

    I believe that if mandatory service was required of everyone, we would be fighting less wars. Most of us who don’t have a dog in the fight don’t care if someone gets hurt as long as our children are safe. Amazing how once deferment by college was taken away how many people saw Vietnam as wrong.

  6. TexMex Dude says:

    Manny, you obviously know nothing about me. I am an Independent who leans Libertarian and I also happen to be anti-war and anti-establishment.

  7. TexMex Dude says:

    I am glad that so many youth stood up against a worthless war. All of the wars that this country is currently involved in are ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, and HEGEMONISTIC. I would only support a truly defensive war.

  8. TexMex Dude says:

    But with Raffie as the incumbent, it may be worth it to hold my nose and cast a vote for Beto and whoever wins the CD 7 Dem nomination. As for state races, I may support most of the Dem candidates except for Sarah Davis.

  9. Manny Barrera says:

    TexMex Dude, the Koch brothers are libertarians.

  10. TexMex Dude says:

    I know that. I just support the candidate who is the most effective.

  11. Manny Barrera says:

    TexMex-most effective in accomplishing what?

  12. TexMex Dude says:

    I support anyone who advocates for good fiscally responsible bills and aims to reduce the amount of government intrusion into our personal lives. Bottom line: I take results over partisanship. Although I am an Independent, I have supported politicians from different parties. If he/she is effective, then I will support them for another term.

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