Interview with Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore

From HD138 we move to its southern neighbor, HD133. Covering territory from the Galleria area to the Westchase District, it’s solid Republican area but with a significant crossover swing to Hillary Clinton in 2016; she lost HD133 by a 54-40 margin while other Dems were trailing by 30. Rep. Jim Murphy was first elected here in 2006, then after being swept out in 2008 came back in 2010 and hasn’t faced much competition since (a healthy dose of 2011 redistricting didn’t hurt in that regard). Murphy is a past President of the Westchase District, and his relationship with it still works to his benefit. Three candidates filed to take him on, two actual Democrats and a third person who isn’t worth mentioning. Sandra Moore is one of those actual Democrats, and I don’t have any biographical information for you here but I did ask her about her background and other things in the interview:

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2 Responses to Interview with Sandra Moore

  1. Piotr says:

    Sir, do you have any info about our nominee for HD 135? I cant find even his facebook page and this district voted for Trump only 48 – 46, so it may be vinnable in a wave

  2. Piotr, his name is Jon Rosenthal and he looks pretty good.

    He doesn’t have a primary opponent. Until the primaries are resolved, that’s where I’m devoting most of my attention. I assure you, I’ll interview him later this year.

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