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Anti-abortion bills postponed till today

Well, we may or may not get another floor fight over HB218 in the Senate, but just to ensure that today won’t be a quiet Friday in Austin, those anti-abortion bills that mysteriously appeared on the House calendar shortly after the announcement of Jim Keffer for Speaker were postponed till today. The Observer blog has the details. Stay tuned.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    They adjourned early Friday afternoon without taking up either abortion bill. The fun will have to wait until next week. Chair Swinford did spend a few minutes at the mike today to try to explain how the bills moved so slowly and then so quickly. Still remains “mysterious.”

  2. and Craddick’s comment in The Observer blog saying he didn’t know about Texas Alliance for Life’s email that went out – puleez. Not forgetting there were alot of people talking about it!

  3. Scott Hughes says:

    I think it’s a waste of time anyway. I don’t think they can outlaw abortion, and I don’t want them to. I don’t think there’s anything fun about bureaucracy.

    BTW, did I tell you about yet?