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Harris County sued by “voter fraud” trolls

Let’s get this kicked to the curb ASAP.

Still the only voter ID anyone should need

A conservative non-profit group sued Harris County in federal court Thursday to force the county to make available records on how it stops non-U.S. citizens from voting.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation said in its lawsuit that it had requested in December to inspect records from the county including “documents regarding all registrants who were identified as potentially not satisfying the citizenship requirements for registration” and communication received “requesting a removal or cancellation from the voter roll for any reason related to non-U.S. citizenship/ineligibility.”


The foundation has filed similar lawsuits in other places like Pennsylvania and has targeted other areas like New Jersey and Bexar County.

The group has faced criticism over the numbers it uses in claims of corrupted voter rolls. Some opponents have said they are targeting Democratic-leaning, low-income areas with the lawsuits.

See here for more about these clowns. See also this story about a failed attempt by a similar group with the same guy in charge, which may have implications for efforts like this. All I can say is that Harris County had better put as much time and effort into beating back this lawsuit as it has done with the bail practices lawsuit.

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  1. Manny Barrera says:

    The Republicans can only win by stealing elections and threatening people, some of them are supported by the Russians and their puppet Trump.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    Seems like a simple request that should have been honored voluntarily, without the need to go to court to force compliance. Harris County says there is no voter fraud. You’d think they would be eager to demonstrate how they ensure the integrity of the voting system.

    In fact, disclosing how they do that would be helpful for other voting districts that might need help in that area.

    If someone asks me about something that I’m doing well at, why wouldn’t I be happy to share that information with them? Don’t we support transparency in government?

  3. Robbie Westmoreland says:

    Why are they harassing Harris County? The state maintains voter registration rolls.

  4. mollusk says:

    Security 101 is that you don’t discuss your security measures with anyone who doesn’t have a verified good reason to know – and particularly randos who pop up asking a bunch of questions based upon their claimed investigation of suspicion of suspicious activity.

  5. Bill Daniels says:


    That’s a really good point that I had not considered.

  6. penwyth says:


    You are right…the fish rots from the head first. We need to talk the Secretary of State of Texas about this.

    Oh no…Its too late.

    Look at the name of the secretary…Rolando Pablos…that doesn’t sound like he is an anglo. And Trump is right…how can we trust a Mexican-American.