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Weekend link dump for June 3

Making China great again.

“But in the coming weeks, even more scripted series will tackle misogyny and the impact that inappropriate and/or abusive behavior has on women, so much so that it feels accurate to refer to the upcoming season as the summer of #MeToo TV.”

“There are not many Trump scandals. There is one Trump scandal. Singular: the corruption of the American government by the president and his associates, who are using their official power for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of the American people, and their attempts to shield that corruption from political consequences, public scrutiny, or legal accountability.”

“The past month has seen one blockbuster revelation after another about how our mobile phone and broadband providers have been leaking highly sensitive customer information, including real-time location data and customer account details. In the wake of these consumer privacy debacles, many are left wondering who’s responsible for policing these industries? How exactly did we get to this point? What prospects are there for changes to address this national privacy crisis at the legislative and regulatory levels? These are some of the questions we’ll explore in this article.”

“How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Amazon Alexa has recorded“. I solved that problem by just not having an Alexa.

Have you rebooted your router yet? There are some other things you shoud do, too.

“Our players have exercised their rights as United States citizens in order to spark conversation and action to address social injustice. We will continue to support them in their peaceful pursuit of positive change in our country and around the world.”

The cruelty is the whole point.”

“The Trump administration’s goal is to inflict pain upon these families. Cruelty is not an unfortunate, unintended consequence of White House immigration policy; it is the objective.”

“The practice harms children. It does not actually work as a deterrent. And it’s an affront to a core American value: keeping children with their parents.”

Calling a lie a lie is harder than you might think.

RIP, Don Peterson, astronaut who participated in the first spacewalk of the 30-year Space Shuttle program.

“While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

“Until you’re ready to protect fast food and daycare workers from being fired for their social media speech, I’m not here from your blubbering over celebrities like Roseanne.”

RIP, Daisy Kadibil, youngest and last-surviving of three girls whose life story inspired the award-winning film Rabbit-Proof Fence.

“ABC shouldn’t be expressing outrage at one tweet. The network should be expressing disappointment at an employee who cost the company millions and cost dozens of extremely talented co-workers their livelihoods by not being able to resist being reprehensibly racist, when merely being tangentially gross was apparently condoned.”

Let’s Remember What Dinesh D’Souza Did“.

“The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect You From Being A Moron”.

“I learned that day the power of the presidency and the power of the Trump machine. Immediately the death threats started pouring in again but more violent and serious than the previous night.”

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Roseanne didn’t cost ABC millions of dollars and cost her coworkers their jobs. ABC did that. ABC alone did that. ABC could just as well have gone the TBS/Samantha Bee route, said “sorry about that,” and gone on with their business. Heck, if they wanted to virtue signal, they could have written Roseanne out of the first couple of episodes of the new season, and have been able to claim the moral high ground, no different than suspending a football or baseball player for a few games.

    For what it’s worth, I had no idea Valerie Jarrett claimed to be black. I always thought she was Iranian. I also note that, for all the faux outrage of the left, no one is disputing that she’s connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. I took the Planet of the Apes tie in to indicate a mob of savages destroying the country… other words, a dig at Muslims, not at black people.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    I have to agree fully with Kuff about the ‘Alexa.’ It’s already waaaay to easy to spy on people, why make it even easier?

  3. Manny Barrera says:

    Bill, I guess you didn’t watch Planet of the Apes, they were not the savages, the white people were, they destroyed civilization. In fact the apes were much more civilized than the Christians that killed most of the indigenous people of this country.

  4. Ross says:

    @Bill, why would you think Jarrett is Iranian? She may have been born there, but her parents were Americans working there. Her parents were/are African American, so is Jarrett. ABC took the only path possible, killing the show.

  5. C.L. says:

    I can see where Bill was confused on this one – the name Valerie Jarrett sure sounds of Persian origin to me as well !

  6. Manny Barrera says:

    Some people will go great length to justify ignorance –

    The surname Jarrett is thought to be a variant of Garrett, from either of two Germanic personal names introduced to Britain by the Normans: Gerard, composed of the elements gar, ger ‘spear’, ‘lance’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’; and Gerald, composed of the elements gar, ger ‘spear’, ‘lance’ + wald ‘rule’.

    I maybe could understand if the internet did not exist, but there is no excuse today.

  7. C.L. says:

    #Sarcasm, Manny…

  8. Manny Barrera says:

    I do laugh at jokes, but dry as a desert when it comes to humor;-)