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Mayor Turner says “No!” to the child detention warehouse

Damn right.

Mayor Sylvester Turner

Mayor Sylvester Turner called on the owner of a building east of downtown Houston and the nonprofit hoping to operate the former warehouse as a detention center for immigrant children separated from their families at the nation’s southern border to reconsider their plans.

The mayor also said he is in no rush to issue city permits at the site, and called on the state not to issue a childcare license to the 54,000-square-foot facility two blocks north of BBVA Compass Stadium for use by federal contractor Southwest Key Programs.

Turner, flanked by numerous nonprofit, religious and political leaders, said he wanted to show a unified front to protest the “unjust and immoral policy” the Trump administration began enforcing in April, when a “zero tolerance” approach began driving up the number of children removed from their parents upon crossing the border illegally.


Turner said he respects the work Southwest Key has done in the past, noting that he worked with the group’s leaders during his time in the Texas Legislature, but the mayor said these circumstances are objectionable and proclaimed he will not “be an enabler” in this process.

“I’ve done my best to try to stay clear of the national dialogue on many issues. I’ve done my best to try to focus on the issues that confront the city of Houston, recognizing that we need the partnership of the national — the feds — the state, working with the city,” Turner said. “This one is different. There comes a time when Americans, when Houstonians, when Texans have to say to those higher than ourselves: This is wrong. This is just wrong.”

You know how I feel about this. The city can take all the time it wants, double- and triple-checking on the permit, because Lord knows the state doesn’t give a damn. Everyone on Council should be behind the Mayor on this as well. It shouldn’t be that hard for anyone to do, since even a bunch of Republican members of Congress are not happy with the forced separation of children from their parentsnot that they’ll do anything about it, of course – with the notable exception of that paragon of virtue, Ken Paxton. Just don’t be fooled by Ted Cruz. The Trib and Texas Monthly have more.

UPDATE: The longer version of the story suggests how the city might slow-walk this.

Asked by a reporter if he planned to “slow-walk” the permitting process, Turner smiled. He said city fire inspectors have not visited the property and that health inspectors have yet to grant a food service permit. Code enforcement officials already have granted a certificate of occupancy, affirming that the facility meets the minimum requirements to operate as a “dormitory/shelter,” though Houston Public Works spokeswoman Alanna Reed said the paperwork connected with that application made no mention of Southwest Key, the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement or the plan to house children at the site.

Health department director Stephen Williams said there are “certain deficiencies” at the site that would need to be corrected before a permit is issued. Fire Chief Sam Pena said switching from housing adults to housing children will require a more thorough review than what the city fire marshal’s office conducted when the facility served as a shelter after Harvey.

“If it’s primarily children, having enough people there to ensure proper evacuation, proper access, because you’re dealing with a different type of juvenile person,” Pena said. “We’re going to be meticulous and judicious as far as our inspections, especially for the proposed use of this, but it’s nothing different than what we’d do for any other business.”

These things do take time, you know.

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  1. Jules says:

    Good job Turner and Pena.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    I assume we are all good with the Galveston mayor ‘slow walking’ the rebuilding of housing projects they promised FEMA when they took federal money to fix the island? I mean, who wants a bunch of poor people back? Everybody knows public housing is a breeding ground for crime, amirite?

    If we are OK with Turner using his office to discriminate against a property owner, it sets a bad precedent. Which other property owners are we willing to discriminate against? Maybe we should slow walk permits to rebuild homes in Sunnyside so we can finally empty that dangerous area out and gentrify it.

  3. I agree with Turner. My agreement isn’t about Immigration its about the City of Houston. I don’t want the City of Houston to touch this with a 10 foot pole. The last thing I want to see is CNN and MSNBC down here giving us bad press. Slow walk the whole thing. They can do a white glove test on permitting and it will never go through.

  4. Manny Barrera says:

    The rabbit is always spreading false hoods, Sunnyside used to be white, but rabbits are not interested in facts they want to spread hate against minorities.

  5. Manny Barrera says:

    Agree with Paul, but for different reasons, Abbott and Patrick give Houston a bad image all the time with their lies. Thanks to them reports of domestic abuse are down over 10%, great job worthless governor and Lt. governor.

    Some of us actually live in Houston and chose to stay here. Some of us pretend to live here and vote here but live elsewhere. Some people admit they don’t live here but all into our business, move in and have a stake.

  6. Bill Daniels says:


    When Ogg dictates that HPD not bother to arrest anyone for minor drug offenses and the crime rate goes down, are you equally upset? Now a lower crime rate is offensive? Hang on, I need to wipe the coffee off my keyboard, I’m laughing so hard.

  7. C.L. says:

    Howabout we don’t place immigrant people there, but move the homeless camp out from underneath Hwy 59 in there ?

    If I were the owner of this building, I’d be contacting my lawyer, asking him/her to start drawing up the necessary paperwork to sue the CoH for arbitrarily preventing me from engaging in lawful conduct.

  8. Jules says:

    The City gets sued all the time. Bring it!

    I guess one thing about Charles not banning Bill is we get to see how truly horrible people can be.

  9. Bill Daniels says:


    I credit Kuff for having an open forum, and I agree, it’s his domain, he would absolutely have the right to ban anyone including me, for any reason, or for no reason at all. If your criticism is that I’m taunting Manny, particularly, I’ll plead guilty and tone it down. If the issue is you want an echo chamber, that’s up to Kuff.

    As to the particular subject here, Turner slow walking a private property owner, I think I have raised a fair point. Is discrimination OK, as long as we just happen to agree with it?

  10. Jules says:

    No, it’s not taunting Manny.

    It’s your incredible lack of compassion, your made up stories to “prove” a point, conflating smoking pot with domestic violence, your homophobia, your allegiance to a monster…

    I’m proud of Turner and Pena doing whatever they can to stop the baby jail. I’m proud of them for saying that is what they are doing and not hiding it.

  11. Manny Barrera says:

    Jules, was involved in the Farmer Workers strikes and protests, toward the end I participated in anti-Vietnam protests, I don’t believe in sending children to fight wars that they don’t intend to win. Worked with many people during the Civil Rights struggles and what is happening today is even worse.

    People like Bill hate humanity and anything that does not look and think like them. This was not about Sunnyside but the rabbit, that would be Bill made it something else. That is how they work that is what the piece of manure that sits in the White House does. But decent people are noticing what used to be the Republican Party has become.

    From a former top Republican

    29 years and nine months ago I registered to vote and became a member of The Republican Party which was founded in 1854 to oppose slavery and stand for the dignity of human life. Today I renounce my membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump.

    It is corrupt, indecent and immoral. With the exception of a few Governors like Baker, Hogan and Kasich it is filled with feckless cowards who disgrace and dishonor the legacies of the party’s greatest leaders. This child separation policy is connected to the worst abuses of

    Humanity in our history. It is connected by the same evil that separated families during slavery and dislocated tribes and broke up Native American families. It is immoral and must be repudiated. Our country is in trouble. Our politics are badly broken. The first step to a

    Season of renewal in our land is the absolute and utter repudiation of Trump and his vile enablers in the 2018 election by electing Democratic majorities. I do not say this as an advocate of a progressive agenda. I say it as someone who retains belief in DEMOCRACY and decency.

    On Ronald Reagan’s grave are these words. “ I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.” He would be ashamed of McConnell and Ryan and all the rest while this corrupt government

    Establishes internment camps for babies. Everyone of these complicit leaders will carry this shame through history. There legacies will be ones of well earned ignominy. They have disgraced their country and brought dishonor to the Party of Lincoln.
    I have spent much of my life working in GOP politics. I have always believed that both parties were two of the most important institutions to the advancement of human freedom and dignity in the history of the world. Today the GOP has become a danger to our democracy and values.

    This Independent voter will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent and remains fidelitous to our Republic, objective truth, the rule of law and our Allies. That party is the Democratic Party.

    Source –

  12. voter_worker says:

    I support the Mayor’s actions and thoughts about this matter. The President has totally miscalculated on this. The Facebook fundraiser for RAICES in San Antonio was receiving donations at the rate of $11,000 per minute within the last hour (11am CDT). As Manny noted, Steve Schmidt, who brought Sarah Palin onboard the McCain campaign, has left the GOP and delivered withering testimony about why he has done so. Supporters of this policy are being universally repudiated.

  13. Bill Daniels says:


    Most of the detained kids today, right now, didn’t even come with parents, they were brought by traffickers. Note the parents of those kids weren’t shedding crocodile tears about being separated from their kids. They did it voluntarily. I don’t see Americans protesting those parents who abandoned their kids to coyotes and traffickers.

    You say, “don’t break up families”, but how do we actually know every one of these kids is with an actual parent, and not a coyote or trafficker? Answer: we don’t.

    Made up story spoiler alert:

    “Hey kid, you tell La Migra I’m your dad, or we will kill not just you, but your whole family back home.”

    You correctly point out government incompetence in losing kids. You want to house adults with kids, so let me ask you, how long before some bad stuff happens to those kids thrown in with the adults? We have absolutely no idea who these folks are, remember.

  14. Manny Barrera says:

    You are worse than manure Bill to continue with the lies, you made that story up, prove that it is true, it is your statement Bill, prove it.

  15. Manny Barrera says:

    By the way the other piece of manure that sits in the White House seems to be backing down.

  16. Bill Daniels says:


    I did NOT make this up, I posted the video of Kirstjen Nielson herself saying it during a WH press briefing already, you obviously chose not to inform yourself, but just for your edification, here it is again:

    Start at about 14:50.

  17. Manny Barrera says:

    She is a known liar, just like you, the Republican Party is full of them some worse than others.

    So tell me Bill why people like you and Trump hate veterans so much?

    By the way here is the story behind that lie
    You, like Corey Lewandowski have no problem making fun of disabled children with Down Syndrome admit it Bill

  18. voter_worker says:

    Bill, the new script is about to be published. Stay tuned. DT knows he’s screwed this up and tomorrow is another day. If he wants to look serious, he’ll sacrifice Stephen Miller who led him down the primrose path on this one.

  19. Manny Barrera says:

    Word is that Nielson will be sacrificed, she is the goat to be sacrificed at the alter of the man god they worship.

  20. Bill Daniels says:


    It looks like your side won this skirmish, and I’ll be pissed at Trump for capitulating if this goes the way we think this is going to go. As to Nielson, why would he boot her? She’s faithfully carrying out Trump’s policy of restoring order at the border and enforcing the law. I like her…..she’s a strong woman, loyal, she’s hot, and she doesn’t have the “I want to speak to your manager” haircut that seems to be de rigueur with leftist women like Sally Yates.

  21. Jules says:

    Neilsen is a liar, no need to listen to her.

  22. Jules says:

    Bill, add misogyny.

  23. Bill Daniels says:


    Can you back up your assertion that Nielson is lying that 10,000 of the currently detained kids were caught with no parents accompanying them? I’m amenable to new info, but it would be nice to have a cite.

  24. Jules says:

    Google “Kirstjen Nielsen lying” and read your choice of articles about everything she lied about.

  25. Manny Barrera says:

    Children are not part of a war Bill you are a sick individual.

  26. C.L. says:

    Damn, this is getting good !

  27. Manny Barrera says:

    C.L. which part did you like? where Bill says “She’s hot”?

  28. C.L. says:

    Nope, where you call everyone a Russian puppet or heartless, and where he trolls you hard. He baits you and you bait him back. Pretty soon Jason will chime in with some comments about he’d be a better Mayor than Sylvester, and Paul Kubosh will rail against red light cameras !

    Welcome to the Thunderdome !

  29. Manny Barrera says:

    C.L. you don’t understand, the sheep that would be the Democrats sit quietly as the Russian puppets, lie, and lie, and lie some more and you ignore them. They convert decent human being into the monster, of course the Russian control Fox is part of that.

    If you ignore them they take over as the lies they push will start to be believed. You can’t ignore them, they must be confronted, you can’t be civil while they are taking away rights and your life if they think they can get away with it.

    I monitor or read quite a few sites and people are starting to respond to their lies. But you are probably a white male and you are not impacted much if you don’t care about others.

    Bill is a troll that is why he hardly ever posts on Big Jolly for instance, they all agree with his lies and stupidity.

    On those children, evidence is starting to come in that some children were forcefully injected with drugs, some extremely harmless, supposedly because they were crying too much because they had been taken from their parents. If that is the America you want continue with whatever you enjoy.

  30. Manny Barrera says:


  31. Jason Hochman says:

    Where is the outrage at Turner for his policies that promote segregation? Why won’t anyone join in calling for his impeachment? And where is Wayne Dolcefino when we need him more than ever? Do the people posting here support segregation? And where is the criticism of Turner for having no ideas of his own–he goes along with the other mayors of the country, his only desire is to bust the revenue cap and get more taxes, he blames statues for problems while he is busy segregating, and, as we see, if he can “slow walk” this permit, we can perhaps surmise that just maybe he slow walked the fire department parity petition. Sadly he will get re-elected.

    Trump, meanwhile, changed his mind about separating families. Shocking to see an elected official listen to the public. Meantime, I heard Law and Disorder Radio on Pacifica this morning, and the guest said that Obama was no better than Trump. He just put a happy mask on US imperialism, whereas, Trump is the snarling and true face of US imperialism, but, in reality, no worse.

  32. Manny Barrera says:

    You are funny Jason, have you thought becoming a comedian?

  33. Jason Hochman says:

    I am funny? You are acting like a rabbit. Why aren’t you joining me and asking for Turner to be impeached? Can you answer that? Or do you support segregation?

  34. Manny Barrera says:

    I don’t work with the womp womp party or its members.

  35. david fagan says:

    Manny Barrera, Sunnyside has been, historically, African American, since before that area was considered Houston. Also, when is the degradation of a person to be labeled any name, and the time is coming to include the word “racist” going to be recognized as the inability on a person’s part to use reason?

  36. Manny Barrera says:

    Some of that area was white, Jones High School reflected that area in the 1960s.

    If you have trouble with degradation of a person, I suggest you begin with your man god.

    Until you convince him to stop don’t expect me to, he takes the low road, I will go lower.

    When you quit acting and speaking like a racist, maybe it will stop.

    You don’t have problems with Bill Daniels using “Illegal Hordes” that does not bother you does it. So save your high acting and go back to the womp womp party.

  37. Manny Barrera says:

    By the way David, it all depends on how you define Sunnyside,

    Page 6, not all that area has always been Black, but if you consider only the part closer to Worthing High School than you are correct. Worthing was built so that Black people would not go to Jones High School.

    So you do admit that the person that sits in the White House is incapable of reason. If so how did taking the high road work?

    Don’t preach to me if you are not going to preach to the Trump cult.

  38. Manny Barrera says:

    David did the children being torn for the parents, bother you at all?

  39. Paul Kubosh says:

    LOL… rail against the cameras

  40. Manny Barrera says:

    Red Light camera bad for some businesses, especially some located on Lubbock St.

  41. Bill Daniels says:


    Contrary to your really demented world view, red light cameras didn’t impact Paul’s business one iota. Also, there’s absolutely zero political party line to take, and there’s no racial component or identity politics position to play with regard to the red light cameras.

    Traffic cops were still out there every day, writing tickets and arresting people. That’s his bread and butter. The Kubosh’s took on the mantle of fighting the red light cameras, not for any possible gain, but for the most altruistic of reasons……service to their community, to right a wrong that had been foisted on them.

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

    I know that misogynistic quote triggers you, but it’s truthful. Good men like the Kubosh’s spent their own money and time to free the people of Houston from the tyranny of the cameras, and trust me, had the been allowed to propagate, one day you’d wake up and find a red light camera at every intersection, and multiple speed cameras on every road in town.

    The Kubosh’s saved you from that dystopian future that Bill White set in motion. A simple thank you would be the least you could do for them.

  42. Manny Barrera says:

    Where is the proof, Bill. You are infesting the world with your hate, just like a cockroach spreading disease.

  43. C.L. says:

    “The tyranny of the cameras” ? Thank you Bill, I needed a hearty laugh to start my weekend !

  44. Jules says:

    Why do you think that quote is misogynistic?