The first targets for 2020

We’ve already agreed that the 2020 election season has begun, so a little attack advertising over the shutdown seems like a good play

Mike Siegel

National Democrats have five Texas Republican congressmen in their crosshairs as they begin the 2020 election cycle looking to build on their gains here in November.

As part of its first digital ad campaign of the cycle, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting U.S. Reps. Michael McCaul of Austin, Chip Roy of Austin, Pete Olson of Sugar Land, Kenny Marchant of Coppell and John Carter of Round Rock. They are among 25 GOP House members across the country included in the ad offensive, which the DCCC announced Friday.

The ads criticize the lawmakers for voting against recent Democratic-backed legislation to end the government shutdown without funding for a border wall — a demand by President Donald Trump that prompted the closure. The ads, which come on the day that federal workers will miss their second paycheck under the shutdown, feature an image of a helicopter rescue mission over the water, accompanied by text reading, “The Coast Guard, Border Patrol, & [Transportation Security Administration] just missed another paycheck thanks to” the targeted member of Congress.

Good thing they got this out as quickly as they did, eh? I put Mike Siegel in there for the featured image because he’s already announced his candidacy for 2020. Doesn’t mean he’ll be the nominee, of course, but he’s in the running. I am of course delighted to see CD24, which some people think might wind up being an open seat, among the targets. As for CD23 and Will Hurd, he gets a pass this time around because he has been (wisely) critical of The Wall and has voted for reopening the government. He’ll be targeted another time; as the story notes, Gina Ortiz Jones is saying she wants to run again. All of this is one reason why one of my criteria for supporting a Democratic Presidential nominee is their level of commitment to competing in Texas next year. There’s more than just our plentiful electoral votes at stake.

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4 Responses to The first targets for 2020

  1. Flypusher says:

    Sri Preston Kulkarni will run again in TX-22, this time with support from the DNCC right out of the gate.

  2. Paul Kubosh says:

    What the Democrats need in Texas is to have Beto run again. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out without Beto running.

  3. Flypusher says:

    I’d prefer that he challenge Cornyn rather than run for President, because right now I think he is better suited to be a Senator. Granted the GOP lowered the relevant experience/qualifications bar down near the center of the earth, but I think the Dems need to balance experience with crowd appeal.

  4. blank says:

    These competitive CDs are great news, and please oh please can we draft Rafael Anchia to run in CD-24? That said, these CDs have a shelf life of 2 years, because in 2022 we get all new districts with 2-3 more than we currently have, which should have a shelf life of 10 years. This makes the state legislature seats in 2020 really really important. If Democrats don’t take the House, then Republicans get to redistrict the maps. And, this time, thanks to SCOTUS, they won’t have go through preclearance. To get a flavor of how bad this could be, here is the Congressional map they drew in 2011 before preclearance (link). Check out DFW! Yikes! If they draw something like that again, then the Democrats only recourse is for their Senators (hopefully at least 13) to hide out in Baton Rouge.

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