Panhandle Truth Squad

Via Byron, I’m pleased to discover a blog called the Panhandle Truth Squad, run by three liberal types out in West Texas. The Texas Political Bloggers list is pretty much dominated by Houston, Austin, and Dallas. I’d love to see some folks from out west (especially El Paso, which is in many ways unlike every other city/region in the state), in the Valley, the Hill Country, and East Texas get on the blogwagon and keep us urbanites up to date on what’s going on around there. This is a good start. Check it out.

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One Response to Panhandle Truth Squad

  1. Steve Bates says:

    Splendid! Back in twenty-ought-, uh, um, twenty-ought-ought, a group organized by several members of Harris County Democrats (the club, not the party), operating under the name “Texas Truth Rangers,” documented Bush’s offenses as Texas governor for the edification of people from other states. There was a print broadside for handing out at conventions etc., an email list to a fair number of major dailies around America, and ultimately a web version (that’s where I came in). We talked about resurrecting it this year, but decided we all had bigger fish to fry. I’m really glad there’s a Panhandle blog taking up the slack… and at first glance, they’re doing a good job of it. Thanks for the link.

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