A few new voices

Here’s a new lefty political blog from Austin for you to check out: The View from the Left. He’s got an RSS feed, so a subscription to same can be found in my Bloglines blogs.

Other recently-added subscriptions include:

This Blog Is Full of Crap, the new home of Laurence Simon, founder of the now-defunct Amish Tech Support.

The Joe Hill Dispatch, Fort Worth bureau (they also have an Atlanta version). Mostly news-roundup-y, but a good source of stories that may not make your radar otherwise.

Free State Standard, an even more ambitious newsy site that is aiming to get contributors from every county in Texas.

Panhandle Truth Squad, one of two West Texas-based progressive blogs that I know of.

Back Roads of San Angelo, the other one, which looks like it just made a feed available (if it was there before now and I hadn’t noticed yet, I apologize).

Reveries of the Solitary Blogger, which is not new but is newly feed-enabled.

And going a little further back, there’s Liberty’s Blog, Houston’s Clear Thinkers, Safety for Dummies, and Roman Candles.

Blogs come and go, and however you handle blogroll/subscription maintenance, keeping up with it is a PITA sometimes. If your link hasn’t been added/updated yet, hold on, I promise I’ll get to it eventually. And remember, an RSS feed is your friend. It’s certainly my friend for keeping up with all this stuff.

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