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Weekend link dump for March 3

“The Republican dilemma is that they hate the only solution that would approximate what they actually want. They hate it because President Obama signed it into law. They hate it because they’ve lied about this law nonstop for more than a decade and those lies are very internalized.”

“The most cost-effective way to help the homeless is to give them homes”.

“So we found a live bat in our archive.”

“Over the last two decades, nearly 100 women told authorities all about sexual crimes allegedly committed by the hedge-funder Jeffrey Epstein.”

Sometimes you feel like a nut, soteriologically speaking.

So, what is the military doing to screen for white nationalists?

Don’t Use a Debit Card at the Gas Pump. (Two words: Card skimmers.)

RIP, Jeraldine Saunders, author and creator of The Love Boat.

“Utilities Are Starting to Invest in Big Batteries Instead of Building New Power Plants”.

“In short, lawyer up, dirtbag.” Being sorry won’t help.

Buffy FOMO. I feel ya.

You wouldn’t think it was possible for a species of giant tortoise to hide for 100 years, but apparently it is.

“How Cohen’s Testimony Backs Up the Case That Trump Helped Russia Attack the 2016 Election”.

I don’t know what one has to do to be banned by the Canadian Football League, but Johnny Manziell managed to do it.

“Plagued by Predators, YouTube Is Disabling Comments on Most Videos Featuring Children”.

RIP, Katherine Helmond, actor best known for roles on Soap and Who’s the Boss?.

RIP, Andre Previn, composer, conductor, and four-time Oscar winner.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    “The most cost-effective way to help the homeless is to give them homes”.

    I agree, and I have the solution, which involves shipping containers, and some open land in East Houston, down the road from the trash dump. I even have a way to fund it, with Section 8 funds. Put the homeless, and current Section 8 recipients in container housing, relocate current agencies and staff that aid the homeless to these container communities, as well as police to keep order. Have a secondary, more spartan container community for those who can’t follow the rules of the primary container community. Mandatory community service hours required.

    Residents can learn valuable work skills and a work ethic, taking care of their own community. Success stories will move out and move on, making room for more people.

    Drug testing and container searches would be standard procedure. I anticipate some of the funding coming from savings, as people drop out of the Section 8 program once they find out they have to liver in a container, and choose to make other arrangements.

  2. Manny Barrera says:

    Bill, do you know anything about homeless people? Why do you call yourself a Libertarian when most what you state is contrary to that?

  3. Bill Daniels says:


    The majority of the homeless can probably be labeled as mentally ill, substance abusers, people who make bad decisions, people with serious medical issues, people who have had bad luck, and various combinations of all the above. There’s probably not much long term hope for the mentally ill or the substance abusers, if we just are honest about it, but the people who are homeless because of bad luck and bad decisions might be helped by having a stable starting point and centralized, on site help.

    I envision many of the mentally ill and substance abusers defaulting to the secondary container community, and maybe that’s the best we can do with them…..they are out of the weather and kept separated from others down on their luck that at least have a chance of reentering society.

    If you don’t want to warehouse the mentally ill like we used to do, then that’s the best solution, try and remove them from populated areas with the enticement of basic shelter and help.

  4. Manny Barrera says:

    Bill, let me suggest you go talk to the homeless, many refuse to go to shelters. What you are referring to are more likely family, single mother with children. We don’t see too many of them, but I am sure they are there.

    Homelessness is such a complicated subject, no one wants them in their area, but they are fact a life. This country and its drug use is destroying itself. The British would use heroin to get people addicted to help control the country and for profit.

    So why are the elite and government allowing our country to be destroyed by drugs? History has shown that often our own government helps bring in tons of drugs for distribution? While Venezuelans lately are being pushed as drug dealers and transporter, the Colombian government which has never had a socialist president has been heavily involved in the drug business. I won’t put another link as the comment may not post but you can google.

  5. Ross says:

    @Bill, you do realize that Section 8 recipients have to spend 30-40% of their income on housing as part of the voucher, don’t you? Putting them in your dystopian container housing wouldn’t change the fact that the vast majority work, but don’t make enough to pay rent, and probably can’t make more.