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RIP, Brenda Flores

Brenda Flores, the woman involved in the bizarre “other Bill White” incident from last year’s Mayoral election, has passed away from cancer at the age of 51.

Flores made an unsuccessful run for City Council in 1997, had served as a Democratic precinct chairwoman, and attended numerous demonstrations.


In Houston’s last mayoral election, Flores was in the news for arranging to enter a second man named Bill White in the race. The Bill White who later won the election learned of the plan, talked Flores out of following through with it, and paid her $5,000 from his campaign funds.

Dennis Keim said he met Flores in 1992, and the two became close friends and often were allies despite being members of opposing political parties. He said he helped to keep her computer running so she could update her Web page,

“When it came to government spending, she was the watchdog,” Keim said. “One little renegade lady who was taking on the City of Houston.”

He said she had “a network of people who fed her information,” and her “biggest, latest fight” has been trying to get the city to pass an ordinance to protect whistle-blowers.

Rest in peace.

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  1. Joseph Floyd says:

    I am Brenda’s oldest son, and want to thank you for posting this in regards to my mother.

  2. Mark says:

    Not counting the dubious ‘Bill White’ escapade mentioned above, I’ve had similar experiences with Ms. Flores that I’ll refrain from sharing in this venue. While I offer my regrets to her family for her passing, the truth must still be told. Despite her “noble” efforts as a financial watchdog, in the end, Brenda Flores will be remembered as a extorntionist and small-time political wannabe that departed this Earth in disgrace.

  3. Hung says:

    I worked with Brenda Flores and while I wouldn’t go as far as calling her an extortionist, she wasn’t a person to which I’d want to expose my family and friends. It’s unfortunate to say, but with respect to the deceased, this world is a better place without her.