Texas blog roundup for the week of June 17

In honor of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Texas Progressive Alliance strongly denies that this is this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff has had it with national writers who are clueless about who is running for Senate in Texas.

SocraticGadfly, through words and pictures from his many trips there, celebrates the 75th anniversary of Big Bend as a national park.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Therese Odell says her own goodbye to Lying Sarah.

Miya Shay scolds the University of Houston for swiping a photographer’s work.

Beyond Bones recounts the true story of the Bone Wars.

Dan Solomon is not okay with the sale of Whataburger.

Juanita is glad she doesn’t live in Waksom.

Mean Green Cougar Red celebrates twenty years in the real world.

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