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2020 Primary Early Voting, Day Eight: It starts to turn upward

Here’s the Day Eight report for 2020, and here are the totals from 2012, 2016, and 2018. The totals after Day Four:

Year    Mail    Early    Total
2012   5,695   16,671   22,366
2016  10,970   34,419   45,389
2018  12,914   36,185   49,099
2020  18,503   54,325   72,828

2012  12,705   34,660   47,365
2016  16,435   49,702   66,137
2018  15,512   32,402   47,914
2020  19,690   47,271   66,961

Another best day for the Dems, who put a bit of space between themselves and the Republicans. I don’t have any brilliant insight beyond that, but we’re headed for a big finish. Have you voted yet?

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  1. Chris Daniel says:

    can you throw in 2008 for comparable since that was the last major Presidential Primary for the democrats that was heavily contested?

  2. Chris – I wish I could, but unfortunately I don’t have the daily reports from 2008. If I had a time machine, I’d go back 12 years and make myself save the reports that the Clerk published, but I don’t. I’ll be able to do some comparison with the last day of early voting in 2008, but I’m afraid that’s it.

  3. Jen says:

    Also on the 25th, you say the totals are from Day Four, so I am confused…

  4. Jen – I copy and paste the structure from one day’s daily EV totals post to the next, since much of it is repeated and it helps me do the daily calculations for the previous years. It also presents a risk of failing to edit details like that, which is what happened here. Sorry for the confusion.