Interview with Rashad Lewis

Rashad Lewis

Moving closer to my home base but staying in mostly rural territory, we visit CD36 where Rashad Lewis is running on the Democratic ticket. Lewis is a former city council member in Jasper, where he won as a write-in candidate in 2017 – this Beaumont Enterprise story recounts that tale and provides some background on Lewis. He recently helped organize the Black Lives Matter protest in Jasper following the death of George Floyd. CD36 is a challenging district where Dayna Steele gave a strong effort in 2018, and now Rashad Lewis will try to build on that. Here’s the interview:

PREVIOUSLY: Hank Gilbert, CD01

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One Response to Interview with Rashad Lewis

  1. Gary D says:

    Rep. Babin used to be a standard conservative Republican but now has gone Trumper/Tea-Party crazy running on nothing nother but insulting and smearing Democrats. An ethical Democrat like Lewis would be an immense improvement but Steele was also a very good candidate and didn’t make headway. Rep. Babin has gotten worse and I hope things have changed.

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