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Amy Price

Friday random ten: It’s a nice year for nine weddings

So I guess I’ve sort of settled on a theme for now, which is to do ten actually random songs, then ramble on about one or more of them. With that in mind:

1. White Wedding – Billy Idol
2. Me And Baby Brother – War
3. The Recruited Collier – Paisley Close
4. Dirty Life & Times – Warren Zevon
5. Timmy Clifford’s – Solas
6. Wild Mountain Thyme – Enter The Haggis
7. Wheels – CAKE
8. The Rose of Sharon – The Rogues
9. The Other Me – Joe Jackson
10. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Harry McClintock

One of the ways in which I know I’m getting old is that I don’t get invited to many weddings any more. This is because most of my peers, in particular school friends, are either already married or unlikely to ever get married at this point. In fact, last year Tiffany and I each separately attended what we figure will be the last weddings – well, the last first weddings, anyway – of our college friends. (As neither wedding was particularly kid-friendly, I went to one and she went to the other.) In addition, while we have a bunch of first cousins between us, all but a handful are currently hitched. So there may be a few more here and there, but the next wave won’t arrive till it’s time for our peers’ kids to get married. Now THAT will really make me feel old.

Here’s the list of US states to which I have traveled to attend at least wedding: Oregon, California, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas of course – I’ve been to weddings in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Galveston. In the year 1996, I attended nine weddings. It occurred to me last year that I was still in close contact with eight of those nine couples, and all of them were still together. I thought that was pretty cool.

I should note that technically, I didn’t travel to Nevada for a wedding. I was in Nevada for a different purpose (the old Comdex convention, if you remember that) when a wedding happened that I attended. No, not mine. Yes, there’s a story. I’ll tell it some other time.

Anyway. Paisley Close was a band that featured former Houston City Council candidate Amy Price on fiddle and vocals. “Big Rock Candy Mountain” is from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. And that’s all I’ve got for this week.

Interview with Amy Price

Amy Price

Also running in At Large #4 is Amy Price, who is running under the auspices of the Green Party. Price is a violin teacher and professional musician who has performed with such bands as Gordian Knot, The Buddhacrush, and Orange Is In. She’s also someone I’ve known and been friends with for over 20 years. Here’s our conversation:

Download the MP3 file

You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

Who has filed so far

Today is the first day of the filing season for Houston Mayor, Controller, and City Council. The filing period runs through September 7. You can see the list of official filers here; as of this moment, it’s Ellen Cohen in C, Mike Sullivan in E, and Larry Green in K. You can be sure that plenty more will follow, including a few you’ve not heard of before, and a few that you might have expected to file will not do so. Nothing is set in stone until September 7, possibly later if there are any disputes over someone’s filing, which is something we’ve seen before in recent elections.

I can add news about two other candidates as well. I have been informed that Joe Edmonds, who had announced his candidacy for At Large #5 but had not been heard from since, will not be a candidate; I will remove his name from the 2011 Election page. Balancing out his departure is the entry of Green Party candidate Amy Price into At Large #4. I should say that Amy is a longtime friend of mine – I’ve known her since my first year in Houston, more than 20 years ago – but I only heard about her candidacy recently and have not as yet discussed it with her. As I said, I’m sure we’ll hear some more new names in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on that filings page and we’ll see who does and does not show up.