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Once again with the Driver Responsibility Program

The Trib takes a look at Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program and the grassroots effort to repeal it. The stories scroll by one after another on an online petition to repeal a law called the Driver Responsibility Act. Nearly 4,000 angry … Continue reading

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If we must cut the budget, let’s be smart about it

The Trib remembers the last time the state of Texas had a huge budget hole, and how it made things worse in its attempt to deal with it. For some, it’s not too early to fret that lawmakers will balance … Continue reading

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Is the Lege going back on red light cameras?

Last session, after several prior attempts to ban cities from using red light cameras, the Lege passed a bill (SB1119) that granted cities the authority to use them, with some restrictions. Via Matt Stiles, it seems one of the legislators … Continue reading

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Senate OKs needle exchange

Well, the Senate did manage to do one good thing today. By a 23-7 vote — not enough for immediate final passage to the Texas House — senators approved Senate Bill 188 that will allow local health departments to begin … Continue reading

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