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Investigation requested into voucher astroturfing

From the Quorum Report: Following a criminal complaint by a GOP former lawmaker, an Austin representative has asked the Travis County District Attorney’s Office to look a letter-writing campaign that has deeply troubled rural Republicans in the Texas House who … Continue reading

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Vouchers get their Senate hearing

Here we go again with this nonsense. Senate Bill 3, authored by Republican Sen. Larry Taylor of Friendswood, would establish educational savings accounts and tax credit scholarships to fund various costs associated with parents moving their children from traditional public … Continue reading

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Urban farming

The Lege wants to be more supportive of it. For the first time that anyone could recall, the Texas House Agriculture and Livestock committee had a joint hearing with the House Urban Affairs committee to discuss ways to help expand … Continue reading

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Hochberg’s plan for less testing

A new bill filed by State Rep. Scott Hochberg that would exempt students who easily passed standardized tests one year from taking them the next, makes all kinds of sense. The bill, co-authored by Hochberg and freshman Rep. Dan Huberty, … Continue reading

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Republican State Rep says Perry can’t beat Bill White

I wonder how many people will be thinking along the same lines as State Rep. Rick Hardcastle. When the Legislature does reconvene in 2011, one big question will be who is governor? “Whether or not we’ll have a new governor, … Continue reading

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Stem cells and the budget battle

Other than voter ID, we really haven’t had a big fight in the Lege this session. Burka thinks Sen. Steve Ogden’s scurrilous stem cell rider could be the next big brawl. The Ogden rider is not in the House bill, … Continue reading

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