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Fringe Benefits Dept.

I’m not sure what to make of this article in InfoBeat in which Mira Sorvino claims that actors and actresses have really done the nasty while filming movie love scenes. She is in a position to hear this sort of … Continue reading Continue reading

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In whose best interest?

Well, well. Seems Bud Selig may have violated baseball’s rules by accepting a loan from Minnesota Twins owner/tightwad Carl Pohlad. The fact that Pohlad stands to make $250 million from the proposed contraction of a team that is both profitable … Continue reading Continue reading

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RPI, schmarpi

Dan Wetzel give the Ratings Power Index (RPI) the dissecting it deserves. Remember, kids, it’s all about the big boys hogging the money. This brings up Off the Kuff’s Immutable Law of NCAA Tournament Pools: Some team you’ve never heard … Continue reading Continue reading

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